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At Peace Floatation Spa & Tank MFG

1304 Glade Rd Suite 300, Colleyville, Texas 76034
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At Peace Floatation Spa(retail spa and showroom), is the parent company of At Peace Spas(manufacturer of spa cabins). At Peace Floatation Spa provides both floatation therapy and massage therapy.. The combination of the two services, is our most popular package. Floatation therapy before your massage really enhances the massage due to the “muscle relaxing” properties of the magnesium sulfate(epsom salt). Our clients also like to go the other way, massaging first and then floating. Massage therapy allows the body to begin a “lymphatic cleanse”, which the sulfate enhances, after a massage. Our clients are about 50-50 split on which way they like to go. In any event, the two modalities are very synergistic.

At Peace Spas manufactures “spa cabins”. We believe these spas are among the most “user-friendly” on the market, due to the “open” feeling of the cabin. Tanks and pods have there place for sure, but At Peace Spas will allow clients a chance to float without any “claustrophobic” feeling whatsoever. This, over the eight years we have been in business, has been a big issue for those trying floatation therapy for the first time. Our spas are durable and reliable, We do not have a lot of “bells and whistles”, which allows us to have one of the “most affordable” sensory deprivation products on the market. Music, intercom system and lighting are all standard with our spas, as well as a filter system ,that comes complete, with all NSF certified parts. Along with great float cabins, our clients receive, for free, all the information about the industry that we have amalgamated over the 8 years we have been in business. A few companies will try and sell you this information, not us! Our goal is to outfit your retail spa center with a terrific product, and minimize the “heartburn” that comes with opening a new business in a “new industry”.. We want to be apart of your success!!

At Peace Floatation Spa
1304 Glade Rd Suite 300, Colleyville, Texas 76034 USA

At Peace Spas (Manufacturer)
99 Cheek Sparger Road, #103A, Colleyville, Texas 76034 USA
Call 817-846-8509 if interested in purchasing a Floatation Spa



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Where to Float in Colleyville, Texas

At Peace Floatation Spa & Tank MFG offers sensory deprivation / float tank therapy in the Colleyville, Texas area. They will help you get the most from your float tank experience. Contact At Peace Floatation Spa & Tank MFG now to schedule a float.

Float tank locations in Texas

Are you considering trying floating in Colleyville? At Peace Floatation Spa & Tank MFG has a float tank available for your use. Come try out floating in a sensory deprivation tank to see and experience the benefits of floating for yourself.

The sensory deprivation tank creates an environment free of distractions enabling the body to truly relax. In this deepened relaxed state the body’s natural abilities to heal, focus, and harness creativity are heightened. This makes floating a powerful learning tool for students, artists, or anyone looking to get the most out of their profession.

Schedule your float tank experience in Colleyville, Texas today with At Peace Floatation Spa & Tank MFG

Call At Peace Floatation Spa & Tank MFG at 1-817-846-8509 or stop by to set up your first float in Colleyville.