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Float Center “Come to R.E.S.T”

418 Veal village, Kork Chork. On #6 Rd to Anchor Wat, Kml 3, Siem Reap, Siem Reap North 17253
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(855) 096 763 5415


August 10 2019


Our Float Center ‘Come to R.E.S.T.’ is the first and only one of its kind in Cambodia.

Commonly known as ‘Floating’ or depending on equipment, also called ‘R.E.S.T.’ which stands for Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy.

Floating has a myriad of effects on the human mind and body.
The benefits to health and well being of R.E.S.T. are limitless, but it is often used as a method to cure or reduce symptoms of the following chronic health problems.
Physical Muscle aches and pains, Rheumatism, Arthritis, Back pain, High blood pressure, Migraine headaches. Also the Dermatological benefits of floating are similar to that of dead sea treatments.
Alleviates Insomnia, Anxiety, Stress, Depression and PTSD. Spiritually? In R.E.S.T. meditation is amplified so even the novice will hear it loud and clear. The lack of sensory stimuli let’s the brain evolve from alpha into beta and even on to theta states of consciousness. R.E.S.T. is the ultimate in meditation techniques.

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By Luda on September 26, 2019. Edited on September 19, 2019.

It's was such an awesome experience I'm 70 years old lady with all life-added hurts and pains.... From the moment I got into Pod all my pains and troubles went away. Just one-by-one "clicked" away. Never knew Epsom salt would feel so good inside and out. My skin ..my hair felt like I'm 27 years old ...not 70. Thank you.

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More about Float Center “Come to R.E.S.T”

Business Type: Commercial / Office
Number of float tanks: 1
Style of float tank(s):
  •     Pod
Brand of float tank(s):
  •     Dream Pod
Disinfecting processes used:
  •     Hydrogen Peroxide,
  •     UV

Where to Float in Siem Reap, Siem Reap North

Float Center “Come to R.E.S.T” offers sensory deprivation / float tank therapy in the Siem Reap, Siem Reap North area. They will help you get the most from your float tank experience. Contact Float Center “Come to R.E.S.T” now to schedule a float.

Float tank locations in Siem Reap North

Are you considering trying floating in Siem Reap? Float Center “Come to R.E.S.T” has a float tank available for your use. Come try out floating in a sensory deprivation tank to see and experience the benefits of floating for yourself.

The sensory deprivation tank creates an environment free of distractions enabling the body to truly relax. In this deepened relaxed state the body’s natural abilities to heal, focus, and harness creativity are heightened. This makes floating a powerful learning tool for students, artists, or anyone looking to get the most out of their profession.

Schedule your float tank experience in Siem Reap, Siem Reap North today with Float Center “Come to R.E.S.T”

Call Float Center “Come to R.E.S.T” at (855) 096 763 5415 or stop by to set up your first float in Siem Reap.