Reviews Tool FAQ

Everything is explained in this walkthrough:


Answers to all your big questions should be addressed below, but if you don’t see what you need, just e-mail us:

  1. How do I see all the reviews for my location(s)?
    1. Anyone can read all the reviews for your locations on each location detail page.  But since you’re the owner, you can just log into our site and go straight to your Member Home – you’ll be redirected there as soon as you login.

      You’ll see a feed of all the reviews received across all your locations right there, sorted by most recent by default…but you can sort any way you like by just selecting another option.
  2. What actions can I take as a location owner?
    1. Under each review, you can click ‘Comment’ to leave a direct response for the reviewer.  They’ll be able to respond once they log back in to our site.  At this time, your response will NOT be e-mailed to them – this feature is under development.
    2. You can also click ‘Report Abuse’ in case someone is using threatening language or profanity, or you believe they are lying about being a customer of your float center.
  3. Wait, who else can comment on reviews for my locations?
    1. No worries – that’s restricted for your use only!
  4. I want to ask my customers to go and leave a review, how do I send them straight to my location details page?
    1. You can find the direct URL link right on your Member Home screen, next to each location you’ve claimed
  5. I participate in the Float Saver program.  Do you follow-up with customers who purchased through your site?
    1. Soon!  We’re developing an automated review request system to ask them for feedback via e-mail after you redeem the deal code in your dashboard (Don’t know how?  Check out this video to learn the super simple process!).
  6. Is there any sort of reputation management available?
    1. We’re working on a powerful suite of reputation management tools and features for float centers right now!

      In the meantime, anyone who intends to leave a review that’s 3 stars or below will be asked to leave direct feedback with you instead of posting a public review, giving you the chance to respond and remedy the situation privately.
  7. Where do reviews appear on Flotation Locations?
    1. You’ll see a total star rating between 1 and 5 on each location page, as well as on the search pages themselves.  The reviews themselves appear only on the individual location details page specified for that review.
  8. What steps does Floatation Location take to avoid spam and inflammatory reviews?
    1. Users must leave their names and e-mail addresses before responding.
    2. Anyone who is leaving a review that’s 3 stars or below will be asked to leave direct feedback with you instead of posting a public review, giving you the chance to respond and remedy the situation! (They can still choose to leave the negative review, but you’ll be able to respond or report the review.)
    3. And, of course, we use basic Captcha tools to make sure there’s no bots messing with your rankings.
  9. How much does it cost to to add the reviews tool to my location details page and respond to reviewers?
    1. Nothing at all!  It’s absolutely FREE for all listings.
  10. How much do the reputation management features cost?
    1. If you’re a location owner who’s been with us before the development of this feature, you get the next 90 days for free.
    2. If you on any sort of premium listing plan including PPC, Float Saver, Standard Ad or Featured Ad – the reputation management feature is now included at no additional charge!
    3. After 90 days, you’ll be able to upgrade your Free Listing with our new Basic Listing Package, with features and pricing specially for float centers with lower customer volume or who are just starting out.