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Join Our Exclusive Float Saver Program – Heavily promoted and featured throughout the website, Float Saver enables float centers to make money from their ads by selling float sessions directly to our visitors. Float Saver ads are bumped above non Float Saver ads of the same style and enjoy a number of other benefits.

feature your float center here

Website Hosting – We have partnered with Whiteley Designs to offer exclusive, discounted hosting packages to manage your website hosting needs. Whiteley Designs offers basic and performance packages that are optimized for WordPress websites. Their personalized approach to hosting gives each and every client the peace of mind that their site is in good hands. Site migrations are included with all hosting packages to ensure your site is seamlessly migrated at no additional cost.

Expert Marketing Partners for Float Centers

Expert Marketing Partners for Float Centers – More Floats helps fill your tanks through premium marketing to get your best month ever and exceed your goals!

Partner with us to ensure your tanks are full, first-time floaters become members and your money is spent wisely bringing solid ROI each month, paying for our expertise and letting the profit flow! We’re a passionate two person team of creative professionals who’ve been floating more than 100 hrs. and working with top float centers since 2015.

maximum floats

Maximum Floats – Want 30+ New Bookings Every Month for your Float Center Without Needing Groupon or Hiring an Expensive Marketing Agency?

float tank solutions

Float Tank Solutions – Float Tank Solutions is the best resource out there to help you start and run a float tank center. It offers marketing and business plan templates, in-person training, water testing information, and tons of invaluable free resources. Float Tank Solutions was founded by Float On, the largest float center in the US, and organizers of the international Float Conference. Learn more

ear plugs for floating – Ear plugs for floating. Protects from water, salt and noise.

entheozen - supplements that enhance the floating experience

Entheozen – Premier Nutritional Supplements Designed to enhance the floating experience.

floatease halo head rest

Floatease manufactures the Halo Head Rest. Rest for Your Head.


Sunlighten™ infrared therapy


Sunlighten™ manufactures therapeutic infrared saunas for commercial settings. As the industry leader, we offer the only true commercial sauna solution and are the preferred vendor for over 3,000 commercial facilities worldwide … Learn more

pqn audio speakers for float tanks

PQN Audio understands that there are few things that enhance the
enjoyment of the float experience more than relaxing & soothing sounds. Learn more