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The Floatation Sanctuary

208 Powderham Street, New plymouth , north island 4310
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7 days by appointment


The Floatation Sanctuary is a unique experience in
New Plymouth.

You have a private room with ensuite for showering before and after your float. Gentle music t help you acclimate to the environment, then slowly fade away. Nearing the end of your float session, you’ll become aware of distant music brings you back to full alertness.

The Float Tank is spacious yet embryonic. Many clients say it feels expansive, like floating weightless in space.

You lie totally supported in a warm concentration of Epsom Salts, (Magnesium Sulphate). Magnesium is the second most abundant element in your cells, and Sulphate improves absorption of nutrients. Both are essential for maintaining a healthy body and help form joint proteins, brain tissue and so much more.

The water is maintained at relaxed skin temperature (34.8C), making it safe for pregnant mums and ideal for detoxing the body.

Lying totally weightless in silence and darkness, your nervous, skeletal and muscular systems can surrender to total relaxation. The body’s natural response to sensory deprivation is to gently slide into the meditative theta state.

Emotional stress and the pull of gravity are proven to be the causes of many chronic aches and pains, as well as debilitating illnesses. While you float, your body is released from stress and weight. Your brain releases mega-quantities of happy endorphins thus promoting wellbeing and enabling you to approach life with a refreshed mind.



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More about The Floatation Sanctuary

Business Type: Residential / Home
Number of float tanks: 1
Style of float tank(s):
  •     Pod
Brand of float tank(s):
  •     Other: Floatstar
Complimentary services offered at this location:
  •     Ear Plugs Available (img)
Disinfecting processes used:
  •     Hydrogen Peroxide,
  •     UV

Where to Float in New plymouth , north island

The Floatation Sanctuary offers sensory deprivation / float tank therapy in the New plymouth , north island area. They will help you get the most from your float tank experience. Contact The Floatation Sanctuary now to schedule a float.

Float tank locations in north island

Are you considering trying floating in New plymouth ? The Floatation Sanctuary has a float tank available for your use. Come try out floating in a sensory deprivation tank to see and experience the benefits of floating for yourself.

The sensory deprivation tank creates an environment free of distractions enabling the body to truly relax. In this deepened relaxed state the body’s natural abilities to heal, focus, and harness creativity are heightened. This makes floating a powerful learning tool for students, artists, or anyone looking to get the most out of their profession.

Schedule your float tank experience in New plymouth , north island today with The Floatation Sanctuary

Call The Floatation Sanctuary at or stop by to set up your first float in New plymouth .