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Our Featured Float Tank Manufacturers

ocean float rooms
Ocean Float Rooms
Worldwide suppliers since 1989 of luxurious, personalized float rooms. Contact email: eileen.gooch@oceanfloatrooms.com USA: 1-856-472-0509

Float Lab Float Tanks
Float Lab Float Tanks

dreampod V series float tanks

We have a passion for manufacturing amazing wellness and spa related products that are high quality and reliable in build. Our entire lineup of Dreampod products includes excellent control software to make running your float center, wellness centre, gym or spa at a hotel smooth and profitable.

dreampod home pro float tank

Dreampod Home Pro
If you would appreciate the ability to float on a regular basis in your own home, this pod is for you. The home float pod is beautiful, robust and easy to operate but comes without business only features such as reporting or multi-pod management functionality.


The Float Pod® – USA based floatation tank. Float Pod
Welcome to the future of pain relief and relaxation. Experience zero-gravity and zero-distractions in a Float Pod®.

float rooms usa

Float Rooms USA
Welcome to Float Rooms USA. Your one stop for the best float experience. Learn About Floating. Discover how floating …

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