Complimentary Resources

Complimentary Resources for Your Float Center

Check out our partners complimentary resources that can add value and increase revenues at your float center:

ear plugs for floating

Ear plugs for floating keep water, salt, and noise out while you float –

entheozen - supplements that enhance the floating experience

EntheoZen Premier Nutritional Supplements. Designed to enhance your floating experience. –

floatease halo head rest

Floatease Halo Head Rest. Rest for Your Head. –

float tank solutions

Float Tank Solutions: Business plans, tools & marketing materials for float centers. –

pqn audio speakers for float tanks

PQN Audio: Not all audio speakers and transducers are created equal. PQN is proud to bring its innovative waterproof transducers & speakers now to the growing float community –

Sunlighten™ – Enhance Floating & Profits with 3-in-1 Infrared Therapy –