Sensory-depriving flotation therapy gaining popularity

Sensory-depriving flotation therapy gaining popularity

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Dr. Joette Giovinco reports

By: Dr. Joette Giovinco, FOX 13 News

POSTED:MAY 05 2016 04:19PM EDT
UPDATED:MAY 05 2016 05:56PM EDT

TAMPA (FOX 13) – Eugene Kim is a first year medical student at the University of South Florida. From books to computers, it’s safe to say his path to a medical doctor degree is filled with enlightenment. However, he feels most at home in the dark.

Multiple times a week, Eugene climbs into a sensory deprivation chamber at Sacred Floats and Gems in Tampa. The tank is seven feet long and filled with super-saturated salt, making him float effortlessly. There is nothing to touch and no sound, light, or smell while his body is floating. He says it creates a distraction-free zone where his mind can escape.

“I get to go in there for an hour and it’s like I have a two hour-brain storm session about an idea that is bugging me. Or maybe I need to study for a medical school exam and I can run through these facts in my brain while I’m floating,” Kim described…Continue Reading…


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