Recovery the key to wellness? Cloud9 Float and Spa opens in Naples – Naples Herald

Recovery the key to wellness? Cloud9 Float and Spa opens in Naples – Naples Herald

Blog » Recovery the key to wellness? Cloud9 Float and Spa opens in Naples – Naples Herald
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When it comes to health, many people immediately think of fitness and nutrition. One Florida Gulf Coast University graduate, however, wants to take wellness to the next level. Chris Edwards believes there is an additional health-promoting practice that people often forget: Recovery.

Edwards is the Wellness Director at the newly established Cloud9 Float and Spa in Naples. The Spa, which opened in January, is unique because it offers more than just massages and facials. The Spa’s key services include a Samadhi Epsom Salt Flotation Tank, a Far Infrared Sauna, an oxygen bar with aromatherapy, therapeutic massages, custom facials and wellness consulting and planning.

Edwards graduated from FGCU with his Bachelor’s in Business Management with a concentration in Sports Management. He is also a certified personal trainer and wanted to find a way to link all of his education and experience to a career. Friends Kristen Stump and Paul Ceiccarelli shared Edwards’ vision, coming together in October to create Cloud9 Float and Spa, which opened three months later.

“Over the years I’ve identified the three core elements in health and wellness,” Edwards said. “Fitness, nutrition and recovery. What I have found is that a lot of people focus on fitness and nutrition, but I don’t see many focusing on their body’s recovery. ”

Chris Edwards, an FGCU graduate, is the Wellness Director at Cloud9.
“So I said, ‘Hey, we need to find a way to bring it to life so people can see that recovery isn’t just about sleeping. It is about stress relief, increased wellness and preventing injuries. That’s the concept that brought us together.”

Stump’s Bachelor’s in Health Services Administration and her past employment at Lee Memorial gave her the experience she needed to help Edwards in starting their new Spa. As the Spa Director, Stump focused on choosing high-end technology and in-depth services that would complement the programming and counselling Edwards provides.

The Samadhi Epsom salt flotation tank is a great example of Stump’s work. The Samadhi tank is filled with 800 pounds of medical grade Epsom salt and ten inches of water, providing a zero-gravity-like experience. The water and air are warmed to the client’s body temperature, creating a balance of all external stimuli and calming the senses.

“Our flotation tank can be imagined as an enclosed bathtub the size of a twin-size bed,” Stump said. “It is great for muscles and pain and for those with back issues or disabilities. It is also wonderful for the digestive tract, aches and pains, and is good for your skin. It feels like silk on your body. Because it quiets all external stimuli, the brain senses nothing and rests. One hour in the tank is equivalent to four hours of undisturbed rest.”

The facility’s infrared sauna can hold two people at a time and is a natural form of detox for clients at Cloud9. As the air heats around those inside, it raises the body’s temperature by 2-3 degrees, creating a self-induced low-grade fever in order to eliminate toxins from within. Stump explained that the sauna also helps with skin elasticity and other benefits.

The oxygen bar produces 90 percent pure oxygen which is naturally very dry, so it is processed through water and essential oils such as eucalyptus. Oxygen therapy is believed to provide sinus pain relief during allergy season.

“The concept we offer here is optimal customization,” Edwards said. “I personally sit with clients and ask about their lifestyles so that we can find the best strategy to reduce stress. I customize and push people in the right direction, addressing every element of recovery across the board. In every service we provide, from hair, skin, muscles and joints, we try to provide a wide range of options to help the body, mind and spirit. It has been really rewarding to see the response so far. It has only been three months since we’ve opened and it has been very satisfying; we’re extremely happy.”

For information on pricing, services and appointments, visit Cloud9 Float and Spa’s website:

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