Onnit & Floatation Locations Partner Together To Unite the Industry | Onnit Academy

Onnit & Floatation Locations Partner Together To Unite the Industry | Onnit Academy

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Onnit announces a unique partnership with FloatationLocations.com, isolation tank directory and floatation tank resource center. Floatation Locations provides comprehensive locator services for float tank locations, manufacturers and floaters alike.

“Onnit is excited to be the exclusive partner and supplement provider for Floatation Locations and we’re looking forward to helping float centers across the world get powered by Onnit. Their commitment and involvement with the industry is not only impressive, but extremely vital to the growth of this thriving industry,” said Onnit VP of Sales, Bobby Rosales.

An isolation or float tank, also referred to as a sensory deprivation tank, is a lightless, soundproof tank inside which subjects float in salt water at skin temperature. They were first used by John C. Lilly, a medical practitioner and a neuro-psychiatrist, in 1954 to test the effects of sensory deprivation. Such tanks are now also used for meditation and relaxation and in alternative medicine.

According to Floatation Locations, “Isolation tanks offer many benefits for the user including stress relief, pain management, improved athletic performance and much more. Proven by over fifty years of clinical research, as well as anecdotal evidence.”

Onnit CEO, Aubrey Marcus remarked, “Floating is one of the most important modalities for expanding consciousness and facilitating psychic recovery.  I am thrilled to be partnered with Floatation Locations, not only because they provide a valuable service to individuals looking to float, but they have also been great about spreading the word on how our targeted supplements like Alpha BRAIN and New Mood can create synergy with the floating modality.”

Floatation Locations has a comprehensive search engine to help floaters and manufactures alike find local float locations. They also educate new floaters on how to maximize the float experience and feature premium advertising for floatation tank businesses. The Onnit-Floatation Locations partnership aspires to “become the industry’s hub” and are proud to be an integral part of driving this industry forward, according to Rosales.

“Similar to Onnit’s motto of ‘Total Human Optimization’ we are always looking for ways to improve our performance in everyday life.  We are health conscious entrepreneurs with a desire to make a positive impact in the world we live in. Our company was bootstrapped with one main focus: to give the most value possible to the float community. We understand this commitment and have the audacity to achieve our goals. Our vision at Floatation Locations is not limited to our advertising platforms so we incorporate other talents and expertise into our business.  Collectively, we have over 22 years of involvement in the natural product industry. We share the same beliefs that nutrition is top priority, followed by superior supplementation and exploration into unconventional training methods. Therefore, partnering with a company that mirrored our values of honesty and integrity was of utmost importance,” commented a Floatation Locations representative.

“The float industry has grown exponentially, over the last five years, and will continue to thrive as more people get exposed to this powerful healing tool. Our relationships with float centers and manufacturers, along with ONNIT’s impressive staff, effective products, and public reach, will maximize exposure to this amazing industry. It is clear that ONNIT is the ideal partner for us and we look forward to many years of health, growth and prosperity together.”

Onnit products recommended for floating by Onnit Ceo, Aubrey Marcus, and Floatation Locations include Alpha BRAIN, New Mood, Melatonin 5, and Earth Grown Nutrients.

For more information visit onnit.com and floatationlocations.com.

Media inquiries contact jennifer@onnit.com.

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