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Floating to Sleep

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Insomnia can feel like a waking nightmare. When you can’t sleep, everything else suffers.

Your brain can’t focus on simple tasks. You feel aches and pains in your body. You go from fun and happy to angry and depressed. In a nutshell, sleep is what makes a better you.

If getting enough sleep is a problem, floating is a great solution. Floating in an isolation tank offers a perfect time to relax and disconnect your body and mind from those external and internal stresses that are causing so much damage.

Studies done on frequent floaters reveal some eye-opening numbers. Among people who did weekly floating sessions, 23 percent slept better, 31 percent experienced reduced stress and 24 percent reduced or eliminated feelings of depression. Floaters who did at least 12 floatation sessions showed improved sleep patterns at night. They felt less tension, anxiety, nervousness and pain during the day as a result.

Why does floating work better than a sleeping pill at curing insomnia? Simply put, it is designed to rejuvenate your body. Floating in an isolation tank leaves your body in a weightless state and peaceful environment where it can heal and recover from the forces dragging it down.

It pays to float because floating has such a positive effect on everything else connected to our lives. You can set up a session at your local spa or build your own isolation tank from any number of isolation tank plans. The smart choice is to make floating a part of your weekly routine.

A good night’s rest is your reward.


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