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Dreaming is a natural part of the human experience. The subconscious mind comes alive during REM sleep and bombards us with images of people, places and things that seem all so jumbled and random.

People spend time and money trying to understand what influences their dreams and what those dreams actually mean. Others resort to the technique of lucid dreaming to control their dreams.

The ability to lucid dream and floating in an isolation tank go hand in hand. Lucid dreaming differs from regular dreaming because the dreamer retains an awareness they are dreaming. In other words, a lucid dreamer knows they are dreaming and can control the dream through their thoughts, words and actions.

Floating allows a person to explore their subconscious in a similar manner. The floater can choose to zero in on certain images that emerge when their mind becomes freed from the outside world. For that reason, using a floatation tank can be an effective tool in gaining control over your dreams.

Controlling dreams requires active floating instead of passive floating. A passive floater is simply concerned with emptying their mind and reaching a point of simple relaxation in mind and body. An active floater looks to program their mind during a relaxed state. This can involve something as simple as meditation. It can be as complex as entering their own dreams and taking control of the direction of those dreams.

If you want to be a lucid dreamer, the first step is learning how to master your subconscious mind. The best way to do that is to purposefully connect with it through a floating session.
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