Floating at Beyond Rest is a calming experience

Floating at Beyond Rest is a calming experience

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Woman Floating at Beyond Rest in Australia

Beyond Rest floatation tank. Photo: Supplied

November 11.2015 12:00 am
BY Jemimah Clegg

The promise

Beyond Rest touts a unique environment free from distractions, allowing you to completely switch off and relax. Floating in the sensory deprivation tanks is said to relieve stress, high blood pressure and muscle pain.

The reality

The newly built premises in a warehouse on a little back street in Prahran is a calming space. I’m shown to my private room with a shower and the float tank.

The tank does look rather sci-fi, and I fight not to make The Simpsons joke most newbies probably go with (you know the one where Homer and Lisa get in the tanks, except Homer’s ends up being towed away?).

I’m left to have a shower and then hop into the tank. The light stays on at first even when I pull the door down, and music plays for about 10 minutes. Then the lights and music turn off.

I must admit, at first I am super-bored. I’m one of those fidgety people who always needs to be doing something, and I find it hard to switch my brain off. I start swooshing my limbs around in the salty, buoyant water for something to keep me occupied.

The pay-off

Eventually my brain does switch off, and I get a sense of clarity and calm. My sore neck and shoulders feel less so, particularly the next day – which is when the full effects are meant to come out.

The pain factor

I had a little cut on my ankle that I forgot about, which stung a bit when I got in the salt water, but they provide you with Vaseline to help with that.

Who should try it?

Anyone who wants clarity and relief from stress.

The bill

It’s $79 for the one-hour float. Longer floats and packages are also available.
Would i do it again?

I think I would – I could get better at not fidgeting, and learn to switch off.

Beyond Rest
26 Regent Street, Prahran. 9521 4963


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