Floatation Station is a buoyant option for pain relief, relaxation

Floatation Station is a buoyant option for pain relief, relaxation

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Michelle L. Huey , Ruidoso News Published 1:45 p.m. MT March 9, 2017

Even in a beautiful resort town like Ruidoso, people agree they are being bombarded by a constant onslaught of noise, energy pollution, distraction and busy-ness to the point of being broken down and burned out.

Floatation Station owners Scott and Becky Forster think they have the perfect solution to finding freedom from all of that, along with easing debilitating pain as well.

“One of the things the pod does is let you get in and shut everything off for an hour or more,” Scott said.

According to their website, floatationstation.com, floatation pods are a light and sound-free environment that provide clients the chance to release stress that heaps up on a daily basis. The pods contain 12 inches of water with 550 kilograms of Epsom salt dissolved inside. The water is heated to skin temperature which allows the feeling of water on the skin to fade away. The buoyancy created by the dense Epsom-salt solution effectively removes the feeling of gravity on the body, bringing an experience of almost total weightlessness. With earplugs in and the tank’s lights off, quietness and darkness envelope the mind and allow it to drift into a deep state of relaxation. That deep relaxation helps the brain to shift into a theta brainwave state, something that regular practitioners of deep meditation hope to attain at some point in a meditation practice.

“The water, with the Epsom salts in it, you tend to lose the feeling of gravity,” Scott said. “That first session I had, I actually felt like I was tumbling in space. You’ll have times when you don’t even feel your legs and your arms.”

The idea to bring floatation tanks to Ruidoso was Scott’s. While working on a landscaping job in Branson, Missouri, he took the time to float at his friend’s floatation business.

After returning home, Scott booked an appointment for Becky and, although she was skeptical at first, her experience in a pod set them on the more than year-long-course of bringing the Floatation Station to Lincoln County.

Becky has been a licensed massage therapist in Ruidoso for 16 years. After all those years of renting space, she decided it was time to buy her own place so after finding and renovating the right space, they combined her practice with floating to give their customers the ultimate relaxation experience.

“I had been renting so so long and I was ready for a place to invest in,” Becky said. “That kind of brought it about.”

Besides bringing on deep relaxation, there are many more benefits to floating. On the physical side are chronic pain relief from injury, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and more. The zero-gravity aspects of floating in the salt take pressure off the joints helping to provide relief.

“We’ve already had local testimonial from RA patients that have had extreme benefits from this, in fact, one of our clients is starting to get feeling back in her fingers that she hasn’t had in over a decade,” Becky said.

Although symptoms were exacerbated in the first session, the client returned, noticing a greater improvement in her symptoms after each visit.

“By her fifth session, she called us crying because should could feel in her fingers and her toes what she hadn’t felt in…Continue Reading

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