Floatation Locations – Now With Built In Reviews For Your Listings

Floatation Locations – Now With Built In Reviews For Your Listings

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The short version is – on Monday the 26th, customers will be able to leave reviews for your business on FloatationLocations.com, improving the social power and authority of your listing with us.  (And that goes for everybody, even if you’re just using a FREE listing.)

Now…we realize that reviews can be good AND bad, so you might be worried about having them appear on your listing…

The reality is, social proof is crucial, and we’ve designed a lot of additional features for this tool to make sure you get the best feedback and can deal with negative reviews in a helpful and efficient way.  But before we get into that…

We know how crucial social proof is for making sales…especially in a niche like floating, where so much depends upon trusted friends and family convincing people not just about your business, but about floating in the first place.

For example, if you’re a pizzeria and you have the best pizza in town…you’re all set!  Word gets around and people will come.  You don’t have to convince anyone to eat pizza, it’s already embedded into our cultural processes.

But floating is still new for 99% of people out there, and people generally need a lot of reassuring before they buy, so carefully curated reviews of your business are even more critical.

You may be thinking, can’t I just do that on Yelp?

Sure, of course you can.  Yelp has set the standard for business reviews across the board.  And that’s actually the biggest issue you’ll face.

When someone comes to Flotation Locations, we have the analytics data to prove that they want to know where to go and float.  If they wind up at Yelp (because there are no reviews on our search engine), they might see a new restaurant or a review by a friend on a bar they’ve been meaning to check out, or even a home repair company…which reminds them that they keep meaning to get a gutter cleaning crew to come out and…

See?  Total distraction!

If someone walked into your storefront and told you they wanted to float, you wouldn’t tell them to go home and read Yelp reviews first – if they walked in the door, they’re ready to get in a tank! You’ll give them what they want.

In the same way, when someone comes to Floatation Locations, we know they’re not just curious about floating – the majority of our site visitors are looking specifically for the best location near them to go float right away.

By incorporating social proof into our search results, your potential customers will be able to make their decision that much faster – so they’ll be in your tanks faster too!

We have a few options for ways to interact with your customers, request and review their feedback, and even some bonus reputation management features.  

Everything is explained in this walkthrough:


Answers to all your big questions should be addressed on our Reviews Tool FAQ, but if you don’t see what you need, just e-mail us.

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  1. This is the real deal “Samadhi Tank” and it give the best float experience. I try to float at least once a week and I am happy i found The Om Spa. Very clean and nice people work there.:)

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