Can Floating Boost Your Brain Power?

Can Floating Boost Your Brain Power?

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Can floating in an isolation tank make you smarter?

It’s a valid question to ask. Floating is an activity that does so much good in so many other areas. Why wouldn’t increased brain power be one of the side effects of regular sessions in a floatation tank?

The answer is a simple one. You can become smarter from floating. Why? The biggest reason is that floating unlocks your natural intelligence. When you get inside the tank and shut off the outside world, you allow your mind the rare opportunity to be free.

A healthy brain given free reign will do what a healthy brain does best. It will think. It will create solutions to problems. It will provide answers to questions. Our brain is designed to operate like this all of the time.

The problem is the outside world. When the stress and pressure of everyday life greets us as soon as we wake until we go to sleep, it can overwhelm our minds. That negative energy can cause our brain to focus on the most immediate task at hand at the expense of learning and growing in a healthy way.

We have all been told that a mind is a terrible thing to waste. Regular floating sessions will help a person to avoid making that mistake. Your brain needs a vacation from the outside world just as much as your body does.

How we feel physically is tied directly to how we feel mentally. When we give our brains a chance to recharge and refocus through floating in an isolation tank, it means we are doing everything we can to take care of our mental health.
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