4 of the most unusual spas at the Shore

4 of the most unusual spas at the Shore

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Liz Dennerlein, @lizdennerlein 6:02 a.m. EST December 22, 2016

We all know about Swedish massage, and skin rejuvenating facials. Many of us have soaked in hot tubs and gotten all different types of facials. But did you know the Jersey Shore offers more nontraditional ways to relax? You can dive into a 45-degree ice tank and get whipped by birch branches. Or soak inside an encapsulated salt-filled pod. You even can sit inside a dark cave filled with Himalayan crystal salt.

At the Shore, there is something for everyone. Here are the most unusual spas we recommend checking out:

Bear and Birch

This BYOB Russian banya and spa house may seem intimidating to most at first, but co-owner Peter Kizenko said half the battle is showing up.

Inside the 80-degree heated spa in Freehold, guests can bring their own booze and receive popular treatments like the oak or birch branch parka, a traditional Russian treatment that takes place in the Parnaya – a 200-degree room where clients are hit with branches.

The branch treatment, which costs $20 per session, is followed by a plunge inside the ice pool, which is set at 45 degrees…continue reading…

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