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Float On is a 6 tank center in the SE of Portland, OR. They run 90 minute floats for $65, and 2.5 hour late night floats for $75.

They are also constantly engaging in some sort of collaboration with artists around town, from painters to musicians to chefs.

To read more about their shop, their arts programs, and their zest for unusual business practices, visit their website: www.floathq.com


Tue-Sun: Open 24 Hours (by reservation), Mon: 7am-3pm



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Float On,  4530 SE Hawthorne Boulevard, Portland, Oregon 97215 United States


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More about Float On

Business Type: Commercial / Office
Number of float tanks: 6
Styles of float tanks:
  •     Cabin / Room,
  •     Pod,
  •     Other: Open Pool
Brand of float tank(s):
  •     Other: A Mix of Ocean Float Rooms, Superior Float Pod, Zero Gravity Room, and Custom Built Pools
Complimentary services offered at this location:
  •     Ear Plugs Available (img)
Disinfecting processes used:
  •     Hydrogen Peroxide,
  •     UV

Where to Float in Portland, Oregon

Float On offers sensory deprivation / float tank therapy in the Portland, Oregon area. They will help you get the most from your isolation tank experience. Contact Float On now to schedule a float.

Floatation tank locations in Oregon

Are you considering floating in Portland? Float On has a float tank available for your use. Come try out floating in an isolation tank to see and experience the benefits of floating for yourself.

The sensory deprivation chamber creates an environment free of distractions enabling the body to truly relax. In this deepened relaxed state the body’s natural abilities to heal, focus, and harness creativity are heightened. This makes floating a powerful learning tool for students, artists, or anyone looking to get the most out of their profession.

Schedule your isolation tank experience in Portland, Oregon today with Float On

See the address listed above or call Float On at 1-503-384-2620 , check out their website or stop by to set up your first float in Portland.

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2 thoughts on “Float On

  1. I was in Portland for work and thought id try finding a float tank .that was easy getting ther was more difficult ,but I made fine.the float was good it was my first time .I didn’t have realy any mind altering experience but I did get my back to relax .and the next morning when I got out of bed my back popped a dozen times ,I also slept like a baby that night.ive wanted to open a float spa for a few years now.can u please help my with some advice. im in tricities Washington. thanks
    brad c.

  2. Hey Brad, Ashkahn here from Float On.

    So glad to hear you had a good float! The amount of nights I’ve slept like a baby have started to become countless 🙂

    We can definitely help you out with some info if you’re looking to open a float center.

    Check out our website of float center resources: floattanksolutions.com

    Or just feel free to give us a call sometime. We’re always happy to chat. Best of luck!

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