Float Tank Locations found in Texas

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-Daniel J. Sobon CN

Liquid Floats

Austin, Texas
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3. Transcend San Antonio, Texas

4. Sensa Float San Antonio, Texas

5. Float San Antonio, Texas

6. Space City Float Center Houston, Texas

7. iSofloat San Antonio, Texas

8. The Float Spot Flower Mound, TX

9. Desert Float Center El Paso, Texas

11. The Float Spa El Paso, Texas

12. Float Away Spa Highland Village, Texas

14. At Peace Floatation Spa & Tank MFG Colleyville, Texas

15. Flo~ssage spa Houston, Texas

16. INVOLUTION Seabrook, Texas

19. Adrift Float Spa Dallas, TX

20. Zen Blend Austin, TX

21. Float Houston 77040, Texas