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Muse™ meditation made easy

Muse is the perfect way to begin and end a floating experience. It offers your clients a way to let go of their busy “working” minds before settling into the tank, and you a tangible tool to measure how calm and focused their minds became after floating. Muse is an EEG brain sensing headband that provides your clients with real-time audio feedback on what is happening in their brain during our in-app meditations.

Muse makes building the habit of Meditation into your clients lives extremely easy. The benefits of meditation are now widely known and so Muse quickly becomes an ideal retail item and subsequently a major revenue driver.

Use Cases for Float Studio’s

– Before and after floating
– Incorporate the Muse into multiple float session package deals
– Unique retail item that teaches clients how to mediate


– Measurable calm/focus versus mind wandering
– Will help clients to let go of their busy day and busy minds before floating
– Enhances floating experience through calming the parasympathetic nervous system
– Interactive, innovative add on experience to floating
– Creates longevity: People will want to come back to go through the Muse intro course to Meditation
– Extends your relationship when sold in Retail: We have a dashboard that can allow you to see your clients at home sessions (as long as they accept you). You can set goals for your clients and they can sign into their same at home accounts when they come in to float.

Research with Muse

We work with over 120 major research institutions

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What People are Saying About Muse™ for Float Centers

“Being in the data analytics profession I am keenly interested in the metrics that prove your state of calm. Working with the team at Interaxon has been collaborative from the start and adding MUSE meditation to our float studio has been a powerful combination. We will continue to find innovative ways to leverage and integrate this brain sensing technology in our operation.”

Gloria Irwin, Founder
Float Sixty Chicago

The Muse has been a great addition at Lift where we have one available for clients to use and enjoy. At Lift, we encourage clients to relax in our lounge after their float, and the Muse has been an effective way to facilitate that. Some clients will do a Muse session both before and after their floats, and the Muse enables them to see a noticeable and measurable improvement in their level of calm. We have had clients who have brought friends with them not only to try their first float, but also to experience the Muse. Not only does the Muse enhance our guests’ time at Lift and encourage them to come back, it also has added to our bottom line. It is in fact the only product that we sell. On personal note, I am a regular user of the device and find it is a great compliment to my meditation and floatation practices.

David Leventhal, Owner
Lift / Next Level Floats