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Clinical Software
ERP in the Service sector
In this age of advanced technology and communication we want to get all our jobs done at the click of a button. No one has the time and patience to wait for days, stand in long queues or run from place to place or department to department to get any job done. The public utility services providers like banking and financial institutions, medical and hospitality services are a part of such a business sector where customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. To provide smart, hassle-free and quality services to its customers these organizations want to put in their best effort to stay ahead of their competitors in the market and this is possible only by investing in automation, integration and up gradation of their systems. VERP offers you Software on Service Industry, whichcan be extremely useful in integrating the various processes of your organization in a cost effective way giving you the maximum benefit.
Software on Healthcare Industry
The medical services providers including clinics, diagnostic centers, nursing homes and small hospitals and even many private medical practitioners are fast getting their systems computerized fora smart look, smooth and seamless functioning and better customer satisfaction, thus enhancing their business. Responding to this growing trend erp solution providers are launching special erp packagesin themarket, known as clinical software, which are designed to meet the specific needs of the healthcare segment. Many such software packages are available in the markets which are already being used by several clinics, nursing homes and doctors in India and other countries.VERP’s specially designed Software onHealthcare Industryare widely acclaimed in India and abroad for their low price and high efficacy.
Essential features of a Healthcare Software
VERP’s simple to use clinical software applications include various modules for automating all the processes carried out in the daily functionin



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