Float Tank Solutions

Need Help Starting a Float Center?


“If you’re not sure where to start with your float center, start here.”
-John Balquist, Oakland Floats

If you’re thinking about starting a float tank center, or even if you’re already running one, we at Floatation Locations recommend heading over to Float Tank Solutions: their stated mission is to “find the biggest obstacles faced by the Float Tank Industry and make them go away.”

Float Tank Solutions is designed to be a complete resource for members of the float tank industry, whether you’re just getting started or have been floating for decades. It was created by Float On, now the largest Float Tank center in the United States, and organizers of the Portland Float Conference, the world’s largest conference for the float tank industry.

Float Tank Solutions provides background materials and know-how from leaders in the float tank industry. Their products offer the information needed for a prospective float tank center to determine their start-up and operating costs, and can help organize and present this material in a thorough and compelling business plan.

Float Tank Solutions offers free materials, including a 20 page Primer on Float Tanks and Water Quality materials (both for your own education and to present to Health Departments). They also offer the well-researched and comprehensive Complete Float Center Business Plan Package, and Step-by-Step Marketing Package to assist you in getting up and running with everything you need to know.

“Just wanted to send a quick note, to say this plan is so unbelievably helpful. My “stuck” state is “unstuck”. Thank you! So worth the money spent.”
– Dayle Sheward


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