Dreampod Float Tanks 2017

Float Tank Locations found in New Zealand

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2. Utopia Floatation Ltd Christchurch, North Canterbruy

3. Taupo Float & Wellness Clinic Taupo, Central Plateau

4. FloatFix Dunedin, New Zealand

5. Cloud 9 Float Club Christchurch, New Zealand

6. DeepSpace Christchurch, New Zealand

7. Float Well Wellington, New Zealand

8. Infinity Float Centre Botany, New Zealand

9. White Spa & Float Lounge (NOW OPEN!!) Auckland, New Zealand

10. Zero Gravity. Auckland, New Zealand

12. Floatzone Whangarei, New Zealand

13. Satori Centre Hamilton, New Zealand

14. Float Culture Auckland, New Zealand

15. The Floatation Sanctuary New plymouth , north island