Float Tank Locations found in California

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Desert Serenity Float Palm Springs

$65 $52

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Desert Serenity Float & Spa

$65 $52

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Campbell, California

(408) 831-2936

Sage Float Spa

Capitola, California


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-Daniel J. Sobon CN

Pure Bliss Float Center

$110.00 $88

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Float Bound Relaxing Floatation Therapy

$79.00 $63

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Insight Float

San Carlos, California
$63 for $79 Deal

$79 $63

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Living Well Gallery and Spa

$75 $60

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Dharma Floats

Porterville, California
$32 for $40 Deal

$40 $32

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Internal Wisdom

Folsom, California
$72 for $90 Deal

$90 $72

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Newport Float Therapy

Costa Mesa, California
$55 for $69 Deal

$69 $55

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13. Float Easy San Juan Capistrano, California

14. Float Lab Westwood Los Angeles, California

15. Crystal Bowl Wellness Center Brentwood, California

16. Reset Mind & Body Float Therapy San Diego, California

17. Balance Float Redwood City, California

18. True REST Float Spa Chico Chico, California

19. Renew Float Spa Chico, California

20. Peak Performance Float Walnut Creek, California

21. Innovative Wellness Float Spa Sacramento, California

22. Enlighten Float San Ramon, California

23. Equilibrium Float Center Santa Cruz, California

24. Float Therapy marysville, California

25. REVIVE FLOATATIONS Oxnard, California

26. flot - San Diego Float Spa San Diego, California

27. Float Therapy Spa Huntington Beach, California

28. Xero Gravity Co. San Jose, California

29. Awaken Float Lounge Orange, California

30. SALTS Granite Bay, California

31. RISE float house Truckee, California

32. Conscious Drift Fairfax, California

33. Ventura Float Center Ventura, California

34. Theta Wave Float Spa Sebastopol, California

36. Salt7even Bakersfield, California

37. Just Float Pasadena, California

38. Elevate Float Center Santa Clarita, California

39. Float Clinic Torrance, California

40. Orange County Float Center Irvine, California

41. Reboot Float Spa San Francisco, California


43. Zazen SF San Francisco, California

44. Cocoon Float Spa San Diego, California

45. Float Sanctuary San Diego, California

46. Alchemy Arts Center Santa Barbara, CA

47. Float Spa San Diego San Diego, CA

48. The Float Lounge Laguna Beach, California

49. Aruna Day Spa Mountain View, California

50. Oakland Floats Oakland, California

51. Renew Float Spa Chico, Ca

52. Float Matrix San Francisco, CA

53. Float Bay Area Lafayette, CA

54. Soothing Solutions Burbank , CA

55. Float Lab Venice Venice Beach , CA

56. Be And Be Well Ben Lomond, CA

57. Cleanse and Wellness Lafayette, CA

58. Samadhi Tank Company Grass Valley, CA

59. Essence Court San Francisco, CA

60. Chumayo Spa Blue Lake, CA

61. Green Tara Float Center San Diego, CA

62. FloatSPACE Los Angeles, CA

63. Float Fresno Fresno, CA