Our mission is to provide the Saint Louis community with a unique floating experience not limited to floating, but also including what happens before and after each float. Our goal is to provide this experience to anyone that values curiosity, serenity, healing, growth, exploration, connection, and introspection.

We bring thousands of hours of professional experience in physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional healing. In this pursuit, we operationalize our commitment to research and development in order to progress in our understanding of healing and the human experience. Our vision is to make the benefits of floating accessible to everyone in the greater St. Louis area, while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Internal Wisdom

Welcome to a new kind of wellness center, where all the tools to learn what you need to live a vibrant, happy and healthy life are under one roof. At Internal Wisdom, we are dedicated to providing specialized individualized care in a safe, unhurried environment – an environment where all clients feel seen, heard and cared for.

Our specialty of Hydration and Relaxation Therapies focuses on creating healing partnerships with our clients. We are an Educational Lifestyle Center, where we teach you skills to make the changes as part of your personalized treatment plan. Our services include health-supportive classes: healthy cooking basics, ranging from basic skills to vegan, vegetarian and gluten free, medically themed classes.

Our programs inspire you with self-care tools for relaxation and introspection, inspired through Flotation Therapy (R.E.S.T) which will further support your health goals. And if digestive issues are interfering with your life, we offer colonics and elimination guidance. As important as all those programs are, we have to move our bodies to get into the flow, for this we offer vibration therapy, specializing in graceful living, weightlifting and earth connection exercises.

Rest Easy Float

A new float tank is in Hawaii! Located on the Windward side of Oahu, this private custom-built tank has some key accommodations that can be utilized to enhance your floating experience. Built in spa transducers allow the option to meditate to your music of choice while underwater LED lighting can provide a range of ambience colors to enhance the mood.
Private tank time is being offered by appointment only. $60/hour with no over-run charge up to 90 minutes. Please contact RestEasyfloat@gmail.com for information on scheduling an appointment.
In the following months I have plans to install an oxygen concentrator with direct feed into tank. http://www.resteasyfloat.com/

Float Norfolk at The Renova Wellness Club


Restricted Environmental Stimulus Therapy or R.E.S.T, is at the heart of the benefits offered at Float Norfolk in Renova Wellness Club. R.E.S.T. is a powerful stress relief and wellness tool, offering a multitude of physical and mental benefits. During a session at Float Norfolk our floaters relax within a sensory controlled environment, effortlessly floating on the surface of a super saturated Epsom salt water solution, creating a feeling of weightlessness. We recommend frequent R.E.S.T. for cumulative effects and enduring results. Sensory Deprivation Therapy helps heal your mind, body and soul.

Here at Float Norfolk at Renova Wellness Club we also offer Therapeutic Massage as part of our R.E.S.T. therapies. Therapeutic Massage is an integrated body therapy that induces relaxation, lowers blood pressure, supports a healthy immune system, increases range of motion and reduces soft tissue pain. Combining a one hour massage with a one hour float session will make your body feel light, clear your mind and make the world seem brighter. Everything feels and tastes better, while stresses caused by everyday life and annoyances fade away.

Float Norfolk at Renova Wellness Club specializes in healing and wellness arts designed to help you feel cared for, relaxed, renewed and revitalized. Book an appointment today on line at FloatNorfolk.com or call Float Norfolk at (757) 622-1919, extension 1.

Float Space


Float Space is a 3 tank float centre in the heart of the Okanagan Valley, Kelowna. Our mission is to provide a clean and creative
space to explore and enhance the art of floating. Choose to float in one of two Samadhi floatation tanks or the very spacious Floataway Float Cabin.
All floats by appointment only.
Also offering massage services, Reiki, and use of the inversion table before or after your float.

Salt Water Sport & Spa

We are a floatation centre that offers; salt water therapy, infrared sauna, massage, nutrition, personal training,
stretch and release therapy, reflexology, cupping, and lasers in combination to ensure that we deliver the results that you want.

Fadeaway Floatation Center

Iowa’s first Float Center. We offer 3 tanks and will add a fourth in the future. We are located in West Des Moines and serve the entire Des Moines metro. Experience the profound benefits of sensory deprivation. Our float tanks create the most relaxing environment on earth.


We are as excited about floating as you! That’s why we decided to open up our own center and share our passion for floatation therapy with the world. We are the Tri-States premier float center located in the heart of Hagerstown Maryland, just minutes away from Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Be Limitless and come float with us at Regenerate.

Urban Escape

A total loss of the senses allows your body to relax, and your mind to free itself. Numerous studies have demonstrated the vast number of therapeutic, and revitalizing qualities that spending time in a sensory deprivation tank can provide.

Floatation Therapy at Urban Escape is a completely unique experience for those looking to relax, de-stress, rid themselves of anxiety, depression or pain, and those simply looking for an adventure.

Mountain Float Spa

Mountain Float Spa is nestled in the beautiful Catskill Mountains in the quaint little college town of New Paltz. It’s the first center in the Catskill Region and the Hudson Valley. We have two massage rooms and two floatation cabins. Located just 90 minutes north of New York City. Silent…Weightless…Peaceful….

Float Sense

Floating is the act of lying in a floatation tank with water containing over 800 pounds of dissolved Epsom salts. This creates a strong enough buoyancy for you to float effortlessly. The water is also the temperature of your skin which eliminates the sensation of being submerged in water. Combining this weightless effect with no feel, sight, sound or smell – your body & mind is guided to fall into a deep relaxation and recovery.

Our Mission
Enhance quality of life, expand consciousness and boost physical / mental health to fit each person by the regular practice of float tanks.

150B, 6540 Burlington Ave, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. V5H 3M6

Come join us today ! Relax · Recover · Recharge !

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FLOAT Annapolis

FLOAT Annapolis Spa offers flotation therapy and infrared and regular sauna. Flotation therapy and sauna provide numerous physical and mental health benefits. Flotation therapy is a natural and scientifically proven method to find relief from pain, reduce stress, treat sleep disorder, help manage addiction, and heal the mind and body in numerous ways.

Float Clinic


Float Clinic is a floatation therapy center where you can go to relax, relieve stress, calm nerves, and improve creativity. Floatation therapy creates deep relaxation through a gravity- free rest, healing & rebalancing the mind and body.

Altered States wellness Center

We are open 24/7 to cater to you! Located not far from the Las Vegas strip. We book by reservation only so you are promised that privacy and tranquility you deserve. We also have a dry sauna that you are able to use. Flotation therapy is all natural, Good for the mind body and soul! Las Vegas is so fast paced so take the time and step into out tank. Your worth it. Our float tank will help you relax. So just Breathe!! 725-777-3108

Cocoon Float Pods

Cocoon Float Pods provide the best floatation therapy experience in Bellevue, WA! Relax in our luxurious float suites for 1 hour and experience true calmness like you have never before. Floating has so many health benefits including; reduce stress, speeds up healing, help with sleep deprivation and so much more. Our sensory deprivation tanks are unique because they give you the option to have spa lighting and sounds or complete darkness and silence. Come float away your worries today! www.cocoonfloatpods.com 425-747-4421


Clinical Software
ERP in the Service sector
In this age of advanced technology and communication we want to get all our jobs done at the click of a button. No one has the time and patience to wait for days, stand in long queues or run from place to place or department to department to get any job done. The public utility services providers like banking and financial institutions, medical and hospitality services are a part of such a business sector where customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. To provide smart, hassle-free and quality services to its customers these organizations want to put in their best effort to stay ahead of their competitors in the market and this is possible only by investing in automation, integration and up gradation of their systems. VERP offers you Software on Service Industry, whichcan be extremely useful in integrating the various processes of your organization in a cost effective way giving you the maximum benefit.
Software on Healthcare Industry
The medical services providers including clinics, diagnostic centers, nursing homes and small hospitals and even many private medical practitioners are fast getting their systems computerized fora smart look, smooth and seamless functioning and better customer satisfaction, thus enhancing their business. Responding to this growing trend erp solution providers are launching special erp packagesin themarket, known as clinical software, which are designed to meet the specific needs of the healthcare segment. Many such software packages are available in the markets which are already being used by several clinics, nursing homes and doctors in India and other countries.VERP’s specially designed Software onHealthcare Industryare widely acclaimed in India and abroad for their low price and high efficacy.
Essential features of a Healthcare Software
VERP’s simple to use clinical software applications include various modules for automating all the processes carried out in the daily functionin

Aqua Therapy Clinics

We offer a range of physical therapy treatments along with floatation therapy. Please contact us to see if your insurance coverage will cover all or part of the cost of your floats. We also offer a members program that provides a discounted price for anyone who want to pay for their own floats.

East Coast Floats


Our mission is to provide the best floatation, massage and full spectrum infrared sauna experiences for our guests by means of a clean, friendly and relaxing environment where anyone can experience deep relaxation, sensory deprivation, meditation, cultivate creativity, and allow the body to nurture and restore and rejuvenate. East Coast Floats is the largest float center in Central Florida and the only premier float center in Orlando. We use state of the art Float Pods to ensure the most luxurious experience in floating.
Whether you are an athlete who needs to recover from a peak performance, a stressed out professional or parent who wants to decompress, or a chronic pain sufferer who needs relief; TREAT YOURSELF to an experience that will transform you, inside and out. You deserve to experience a little sensory deprivation. Visit us www.facebook.com/EastCoastFloatsOrlando

Better Being Float Center

Better Being Float Center is Indiana’s first commercial Float Center! Come experience the bliss that nothing can provide in our state of the art Float Pods, manufactured right here in Indiana by Royal Spa. Located at 3065 Salt Lake Rd in Indianapolis. We’re bringing Floating to Hoosiers!

Float On

The Central Coast’s first Floatation Centre.

What is a float tank?

The float tank can be thought of as being like a giant private bath tub which holds 10 inches of water and 350kg of Epsom salts. This amount of salt makes the water extremely dense so when you lay down, you instantly float without effort. The water is kept at a constant 34.5 degrees. This is skin-receptor neutral, which means you lose track of where your body ends and the water begins. You are floating in what feels like a zero gravity environment. With the tank light turned off you can float in darkness and the outside world disappears and amazing things happen. The body’s natural mechanism for healing is known as the parasympathetic response, which can only occur during deep relaxation. The float tank evokes this response naturally and every time you float this response is reinforced. The effects also become stronger and last longer.

Another remarkable benefit is that after about 35 minutes of floating your brainwaves change to a lower frequency rhythmic state known as the theta state. The theta state is that twilight hypnagogic state you enter for a few moments before you fall asleep. Generally after years of practice, people can enter and sustain theta state through deep meditation. The float tank will get you there effortlessly. The usual dominant logical brain is quietened and your creative brain can come out to play without distractions. Unusual powers of creativity and imagination are highly common in the tank. Coming out of your float is an experience in itself. Your senses will be sharper and your world may seem a lot more colourful. It’s likely that you just experienced the most complete relaxation you’ve ever felt.


Passionate about floating, Therapods opened up specifically to bring saltwater to Arkansas. We have 2 open, user friendly floatation cabin style tanks in our spa, as well as massage therapy and a salon. Our float tanks are 8 feet tall, and you control the amount of lights and music during your float. Do you want a Zen spa experience with candlelight and soft music, or complete sensory deprivation in the quiet dark? You decide, it’s your time in the saltwater. Please come on in to have the ultimate in relaxation, an hour of de-stressing massage, followed by an hour of floating in our tank and finish it off with a blow out so you leave looking and feeling incredible. We offer monthly float packages and first time float pricing. We are the only float spa in Fayetteville! Please check out our website for pictures, and like us on Facebook to keep up with our specials! So, do you want the massage before or after your float? www.therapods.com

Float North County (COMING SOON!)

Float North County is coming soon! We will have four float tanks (aka isolation tank and sensory deprivation tank) – two Ocean Float Rooms and two Float Pods. Float North County is located in the heart of Solana Beach right off the 5 freeway and near to Del Mar, Encinitas, Carlsbad and Oceanside. Our center is designed as a relaxing and clean environment catering to those looking for the very best Float experience. Please go to our web site (www.floatnorthcounty.com) to received a free copy of the “Beginner’s Guide to Floating” and updates on our Grand Opening!


Aquafloat is a luxurious floatation center housing four float rooms, vanities, book boutique, tea bar, and a spacious lounge to enjoy browsing the beautiful art by local artist James Hubin.
We’re thrilled to introduce Charlottesville to the wonders and benefits of floating.
Be sure to sign up for our e-mail list to receive specials and discounts.

Cardinal Care Center, PLLC

Arkansas’s ONLY Floatation Center is Cardinal Care Center, PLLC. It is located in Farmington, Arkansas, approximately 4 miles from Fayetteville, Arkansas in Washington County. Cardinal Care Center strives to help individuals and families move forward. It provides individual and family therapy and has experience with issues such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, adjustment, grief, divorce, marriage counseling, Huntington’s disease and geriatric issues. Target populations include adults, children and adolescence. Services offered are: Individual & Family Therapy, Psychological Assessments, Music Therapy and Floatation Therapy to offer a wrap-around services approach.

Orange County Float Center

Orange County Float Center wishes to bring you the truest floating experience possible. Every float is different and every float is yours.

It’s very important to us that you bring into your float what you’re suppose to bring in and leave your float with what your suppose to leave with. That being said, we look at ourselves as simply the conduit to your experience and strive to be there as much as you want us to be and to give you as much space as you need.

We understand that floating can be one of the most powerful experiences someone can go through and we wish to have the least amount of interference with that experience and want to support it to be what it’s suppose to be to its fullest extent.

What you will find at Orange County Float Center is quality equipment, a comfortable atmosphere, and people who care about you.

True Massage Floatation Spa (opens Sept. 2014)

Howdy folks name is Jeff, owner of True Massage 4-U and I searched the world over for the best float tanks and we have 2 world class I-sopods that will be in service end of August – mid September 2014 check out our website or Facebook for more information, finally Houston Floats in a beautiful well appointed Flotation spa, look forward to seeing you very soon.

TankHouse Float & Massage

TankHouse Float & Massage is proud to offer the only Float/Sensory Deprivation Tank experience available Kansas. We’re located in the city of Wichita, within a few hours of KU’s Lawrence, KSU’s Manhattan, Dodge City and Garden City, Kansas. We’re also located near our neighbors in Kansas City, Missouri and Oklahoma state.
TankHouse is committed to bringing you all the therapeutic benefits that many years of scientific research have proven out. Pain Management, Improved Sleep and Sleep Disorders Management, Accelerated Healing and Learning, Improved Mental Clarity, PTSD Symptoms Relief, Magnesium Deficiency,and improved Dream states are just a few items floating can address. Pregnant women find great comfort and relief in the anti gravitational environment of the Float Tank. Call for more info, visit our FaceBook page (TankHouse Float & Massage) or visit our web site TankHouseFloat.com , and come experience all that Floatation Therapy has to offer. Check out www.tankhousefloat.com


Now Open!


We understand that life can be hectic and often complicated. So, we believe everything else should be simple.

At FLOAT.CALM we want to help you DISCONNECT from life’s distractions and the constant busyness of your mind. Finding that CALM shouldn’t be just another job in your busy day. It should be as simple as laying back and…. FLOATING

Also known as R.E.S.T. (restricted environmental stimulation technique), floating is a therapy that helps you find that CALM by removing all external stimulation so you’re able to truly let go and relax and the results can be spectacular. Float Pods contain 10 inches of water and 850 lbs of pharmaceutical grade Epsom salt creating a solution so buoyant that it allows you to float effortlessly and gives a sensation of weightlessness that cannot be found anywhere else. The water is heated to skin temperature allowing your body to simply melt away and this, along with the restriction of all light and sound creates a pure state of ‘sensory’ relaxation.

Under these unique conditions, more commonly referred to as sensory deprivation, your body has the opportunity to RECONNECT with its natural ability to self-regulate and restore, while you simply lie back and rediscover the pleasure of a deeply relaxed mind.

DISCONNECT to RECONNECT and experience some of the amazing benefits of floating.


Opening September 7th, 2014

We are simply passionate about providing the best floatation experience possible for the city of Calgary. With this goal in mind we imported the I-sopod from London, England; which is considered by many to be the worlds most advanced float pod.

Feel free to email us info@FloatLife.ca drop us a line, or drop by our center for a chat. We would love to hear from you!

For more information, visit www.floatlife.ca

Float OKC

Float OKC is a floation spa in Edmond, Oklahoma. Located just outside of Oklahoma City, we will be providing the area with the first opportunity to enjoy the benefits of sensory deprivation.


TaoMassage has been serving the Monmouth County community with unparalleled service since 2005. It offers a variety of massage techniques, including Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, that are blended to create a customized massage session. TAO was the first to offer Floatation Therapy or R.E.S.T. Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy in Monmouth County. As you float you reduce sensory input and just float away into deep relaxation; semi submerged and recline in 10” of warm super saturated salt water embraced by the floatation tank. Notable recognitions include being awarded as “One of the Best” massage businesses in Monmouth County in 2009 and 2010. Located at 611 Ban Avenue in Asbury Park, Tao accommodates private enclosed massage therapy rooms in a peaceful, clean environment. Amenities include robes, slippers and towels as well as showers. Tao is currently open by appointment and offers online booking for CALM. DEEP. FLOAT. GLOW. & HEAT. Appointments. For more information, please visit www.taomassage.com.
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Serenity Float Orlando Florida

**Coming Soon to Orlando**

Floating, some call sensory deprivation, is a way to unplug and remove yourself from the outside world. Serenity Float is Central Florida’s oasis to relax, rest, release, and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. Located in the Mills 50 District, We use Float Pod Technologies Float Pods. They are made in the USA and are the only type of pod you can have the full flotation experience in.

Ubuntu Wellness

Ubuntu Wellness™ elaborates on the essence of Ubuntu, reminding us that I am well when you are well, that in fact due to our interconnection, my wellness, in all of its many dimensions, can only emerge fully in relation to your optimal wellness and that of others.

Ubuntu Wellness™ is a clear lens through which we can grow to see the world, a lens that allows us to envision total wellness for all South Africans – whether previously disadvantaged, corporate or everyday citizens.

This is our goal: not just feeling ‘fine,’ but feeling abundantly well and delighting in the journey of shared wellness.

Allow us to introduce you to the world of Ubuntu Wellness.

What is Ubuntu Wellness Centre?

Ubuntu Wellness Centre is a state-of-the-art health, beauty and relaxation services together all in a single location, and is conveniently situated on Kloof street, next to the entrance of the Mount Nelson Hotel.

Reboot Float Spa

Reboot has 4 state of the art float tanks in private float rooms. We passionately believe that floating is the most effective therapy for relaxation and mindfulness. Our aim is to share this beneficial experience in a luxurious sanctuary that emanates cleanliness, inspires creativity, and cultivates presence.

NeuroFitness Center


NeuroFitness Center is the first brain -body wellness spa offering floatation therapy and neurofeedback under one roof. We are the first location in Metro Detroit offering floatation therapy. Come float with us in our brand new float Pod. We are located in Southfield off of northwestern and Franklin hwy. We currently have one Float pod but can do back to back scheduling and or Floatation therapy Neurofeedback Combination.

Neurofeedback is a 100% non-invasive, drug-free, brain-training system that helps the central nervous system (CNS) make the best use of your brain’s natural resources. The American Federal Drug Association has approved neurofeedback for stress reduction and the American Pediatric Academy has endorsed neurofeedback as a “Level 1/Best Support” treatment for children with ADHD.

Neurofeedback training provides a multitude of benefits for the brain and body, including: improved sleep, heightened mental clarity and enhanced cognitive performance.


Float Wellness

Float Wellness is the first float centre in Strathcona County, Sherwood Park. We will offer the world renowned i-sopod Float Tanks, the best on the market all the way from Float Works in London, UK! Float Wellness will also have Registered Massage Therapy onsite so imagine a massage and float combo!

The i-sopod Float Tank is aSensory Deprivation Tank that is used for the ultimate in relaxation and removing stress. Many also use the tanks for pain relief in cases of chronic pain, fibromyalgia and arthritis. It is also used by athletes who wish to improve their sport. Artists, students benefit and anyone wanting more of their life as it is a powerful way to open the mind to greater creativity and learning. Overall floating is beneficial for everyone who uses it!

Float Wellness is now open and looks forward to a new float community in Northern Alberta!

Float Free

Providing the premier sensory deprivation tank experience to Vancouver users. Offering 4 Dream-Pods; the most unique and innovate pod on the market. Float Free aims at offering the best floatiation tank services to all of the float vancouver community. Book Today!

flöt SPA

flöt SPA is the premier floating facility in Midtown, Atlanta offering you the opportunity to escape and feel your tension flöt away. Every muscle in your body will relax and your mind will empty of worries.

Effortlessly flöting in a zero gravity pod is the best way to withdraw from the stresses of life and recharge your mind and body. Complete your wellness with skin care, massage and Reiki therapies in conjunction with Aveda hair care, skin care, body care and lifestyle products.

A relaxed mind and body can help you deepen your sleep, function at your peak and focus on what’s important in life. The effects of flötation are cumulative — the more often you flöt, the better you’ll feel!

Modern Gravity Float Studio

Modern Gravity is Edmonton’s largest float studio coming this fall 2014. A place to connect, reflect and share our love of floating. We currently have a temporary location with a single tank so that members can start floating before we open our doors. We strive in delivering the highest quality float in our studio, every time.

Our mission at Modern Gravity Float Studio is to facilitate a safe, clean and comfortable learning environment for our friends, family and Edmonton community to explore their own unique experience with floatation therapy and it’s list of amazing benefits.

U-Fit Oasis

Our business includes a Float tank, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Chakra alignments and color therapy! Leave the busy city and come float with us! Stony Plain is 15 minutes west of Edmonton Alberta. We are proud to introduce the first float tank to Stony Plain, our float tank will be available August 2014, but why wait until then? Get on the call list to be some of the first floaters!

One Love Float

We’re passionate about the path to falling in love with yourself and honouring the wisdom of the human body by empowering natural processes, promoting wholistic wellness and through the authentic connection between mind, body and soul. Who benefits from floating? Anyone who is curious, but especially those in the areas of athletics, health/general well-being and pre/post natal care.

Floating takes place in specialized float tanks containing 10 – 11 inches of water with 700 – 1000lbs of salt (depending on the tank). Ocean water is about 3% salt, and float tanks are 35% salt. You’re going to float… trust us!


Located inside the Golden Triangle Yoga Studio between Basic Foods and World Gym. Involution offers Float therapy for the Beaumont Texas area. Floating offers ultimate relaxation, pain relief, detoxification, expanded thoughts. Please visit our website for more information www.involutiontexas.com

I-Float Sensations

I-Float Sensations is Northern Utah’s only sensory isolation tank float center. Located in South Ogden, Utah our center has a grand view of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains. Relax in an atmosphere of soft music and pleasant surroundings. I-Float Sensations has two True Rest floatation pods in themed sound proof suites complete with personal showers. Plush towel and earplugs are always supplied, just come as you are. Nestled up to Ogden, Utah we are just minutes from Layton, Utah and Snow Basin Ski Resort and just 45 minutes north of Salt Lake City, Utah. Park City, Utah is only a one hour drive east of us and Logan, Utah only 45 minutes. Come float with us and experience a bit of the alternative Utah. Be sure to call ahead for a booking…happy floating.

Floatique Rest Centre

Edmonton, Alberta will be home to a new float centre featuring the futuristic & state of the art Dream Pods. Clients will have the opportunity to join the growing wellness trend of sensory deprivation in floating and all the benefits that come from this unique scientifically researched phenomena.

Sydney Float Centre

Zero Gravity Relaxation at it’s Finest.

When was the last time you really cleared your mind of all the information we’re bombarded with every day? Or felt totally rejuvenated? Or completely relaxed?

Well, floating can allow you to experience all of this and much more, and it only takes an hour. Experience sensory deprivation in an isolation tank at Sydney’s largest Float Tank Centre, located in Westfield’s Warringah Mall on the Northern beaches.

So why not take a moment for yourself, unplug from your schedule, and just float.

Float Culture

Float Culture is a floatation centre located 12 Water Street, Grafton, Auckland, New Zealand, providing floatation services to the general public, enthusiasts, athletes, professionals, artists, students and anybody else who wishes to benefit from the total relaxation that sensory deprivation achieves.

Prana, LLC


Prana is a holistic healing center located in the business district of Key Largo, Florida. Our goal at Prana is to facilitate purifying our body, mind, and spirit. With positive attitudes and the help of various healing modalities, we hope to enlighten the Keys community about the human body’s fascinating ability to heal itself, and to help individuals explore the power of spirituality, regardless of what form it takes. We strive to be the Beacon for those searching for their path to happiness and wellness.

We offer an open-room floatation spa in a private room and also provide massage therapy, energy (Reiki) healing, hypnotherapy and workshops.

Gravity Floatation Centre

Gravity Floatation Centre has cutting edge floatation pods also known as float, isolation or sensory deprivation tanks. Floatation Therapy has been proven to enhance relaxation, physical recovery, sleep, pain relief, creativity & learning. Melbourne, are you ready to experience floating?

Thaisolate Float Spa

Based on the island of Koh Samui, Thailand; Thaisolate is the only floatation centre in the Gulf of Thailand. We have 2 state of the art isolation tanks which can be used for full sensory deprivation or for meditation and relaxation. Our new float tanks are manufactured by Dream pod and provided the best flotation experience available.

Requiescent Float Center

We are the first Float Center in Upstate NY and the capital region. Ballston Spa was once known for its spas, we’re bringing it back to Saratoga County with floatation therapy! Our tanks are custom made and have more space than other commercial tanks. Come for the float, stay for the tea and comfortable lounge!

Go Float Yourself

We are the first float center in Southern Nevada. We opened May 10, 2014. We have four float pods with two different themed rooms. We offer a comforting and laid back experience. We are open 10AM to 10 PM 7 days a week. Finally Las Vegas and Henderson has a float center!
The float pods are large and easy to get in and out of. People who are claustrophobic have an easier time getting in and floating. The music and light can be controlled from inside, no need to get out. After floating everyone is welcome to sit in our relaxation room and talk to each about their experience. We are located near the Galaxy theater in Henderson.

H2O Float Spa

Dive into Toronto’s H2O Float Spa for a serene experience of weightlessness and tranquility, restoring balance to the mind and body. Two open concept over-­‐sized float tubs filled with 1,000 pounds of rejuvenating Epsom salts are nestled in private, sound-­‐proof rooms. Two state of the art pods are also on-­‐site for an ultimate floatation experience. Personal showers are offered in each room, for a peaceful and private experience from start to finish. Special ozone, UV and continuous water filtration processes ensure impeccable quality water, while routine maintenance processes uphold the highest standard of cleanliness in all spa baths and facilities.


Hi and we hope to see you here,
All of our Float rooms are Spacious, sanitary, private and have full showers. Each room locks from the inside so you can feel 100% safe when you float. Each Pod has a built in intercom service contained within the Pod so you can speak with an attendant at any time.
For all our quests we provide:
Big, fluffy, fresh large towel and hand towel
Ear plugs
Bathing cap (salt can be drying to your hair)
Organic shampoo and soap
A room for hair drying (yes we have hair dryers too!)
Bottled water
Herbal tea with high ORAC value
Underwater sound therapy or you can float in silence
Underwater light therapy if you prefer, just let us know.

Floatation Therapy for Alternative Pain Management
Floating is an easy, natural and enjoyable way to free yourself from chronic pain without the use of drugs or invasive techniques. Due to weightlessness and sensory restriction, floatation therapy can aid with the relief of pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis, chronic osteo-arthritis, sports related injuries, migraines, back and joint pain, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, bursitis and traumatic injuries.Floatation therapy allows the spine to lengthen and pressure to be removed from the joints while enabling greater blood flow to reach affected areas of the body.Floating causes the release of the endorphins and enkephalins, the body’s natural pain killers, which block the transmission of pain signals at the level of nerve cells. Pain relief associated with floating allows chronic pain sufferers to break the cycle of pain-depression, enabling improved healing.
Floatation therapy works to relieve chronic pain.
The effects of gravity are removed and pressure on the back, neck, joints, muscles and tendons is alleviated. The release of this pressure increases blood flow to areas in need of healing.

Zazen SF

Zazen Wellness Center of San Francisco offers the nicest and most calming floatation facilities in Northern California, offering Float Lab Chambers. Zazen also offers yoga, massage, acupuncture, talk therapy & meditation.

Mention FloatationLocations.com to receive 20% off your first floatation therapy session. Ask about our membership program to receive 40% off of all or services anytime.


The Joy of Floating

The first Float Spa in Baja California. Enjoy true rest, deep relaxation, and emerge rejuvenated while surrounded by the mountains and ocean of El Pescadero. Located just 45 minutes north of Cabo San Lucas just past Cerritos Beach next door to Baja Beans. I have 1 Samadhi tank and 1 Zen Float Tent…Be well and see you soon! Email: thejoyoffloating@gmail.com

Float Sechelt

Come visit the only float tank centre on the Sunshine Coast, located in Sechelt, BC. After a day of hiking, biking, kayaking, or exploring, it’s the perfect way to relax after an active day taking in the sights! Join us for a float and a cup of tea!

flO Spa

Our floatation center is situated in Laval Qc Canada just North of Montreal, we have 4 float pods suites, and also offering Hydromassage, Neuromassage and an Oxygen station.

We have a collection of many different teas that we serve to clients and also sell in our boutique.

Our space was professionaly designed to make you feel relaxed as soon as you come in, come experience the ultimate relaxation!


Have you ever dreamed of being free from gravity? Vibetality offers Chandler Arizona’s only floatation therapy tank. Our Oasis flotation tank offers you a serene environment free from gravity, strain, tension, or pain. Once inside the flotation tank you’ll truly float effortlessly in a tranquil, mindful state without any external stimulus to distract your mind or your senses. Inside the Vibetality Floatation Tank you’ll truly have the opportunity to find peace, relaxation and comfort.

Our Chandler floatation tank is 100% light-proof, and due to the high volume of beneficial Epsom salt your body will float effortlessly, allowing you to be free from the constant push of gravity on your body. Without any sensory input to distract you, your mind is free to function at a higher level than you’ve probably ever imagined possible. Dr. Lilly found that gravitational force on the body coupled with noise, light, and temperature variance, etc., utilized approximately 90% of the neural activity in the brain. Without these distractions you are free to unleash your brain’s full potential.

– Benefits of floating –

– Increased relaxation –

– Reduction of stress –

– Improved sleep patterns –

– Normalization of blood pressure –

-Enhanced ability to focused –

– Increased concentration –

– Strengthening of the immune system –

– Relief from pain from injuries/ailments –

– Alleviate symptoms of depression or anxiety –

– Relieve inflammation in joints –

– Speed jet lag recovery -

Cocoon Float Spa

Float therapy is now available in the heart of San Diego. Conveniently located in the Hillcrest area, surrounded by all the main freeways. We offer on-site FREE validated parking!
Float Therapy is also know as Sensory Deprivation, isolation tank or flotation tank. Floating is a simple idea that provides multiple benefits.
Our bodies have amazing powers of healing and recuperation, we just need the chance to relax to let these powers work.
Floating is the most relaxing experience of R.E.S.T (Restricted, Environmental, Stimulation, Therapy)
The Float Tank provides an environment which frees you from the effects of gravity and all sensation of temperature, touch, sight and sound. These account for 90% of normal Neuromuscular activity. Floating allows you to conserve and redirect vast amounts of natural physical and mental energy. As a result, your brain releases Dopamine and Endorphings (happy hormones) And your body is able to rest, de-stress, and heal!
The deep relaxation and stress relief provided through Float Therapy is good for everyone. But, there are some groups of people who may receive special benefits from Floating. These include those who suffer from Chronic Pain, Insomnia, Headaches, Hormonal Imbalance, Muscle Tension and more.
Come and check out our world-class facility today!

ISO Float Center

ISO Float Center provides the ultimate environment for your mind, body, and soul to reach its maximum potential for relaxation, clarity, and healing through the use of flotation therapy.

ISO Float Center is located in beautiful downtown Whitefish, Montana. Our facility has one state-of-the-art Float Pod Technologies pod, a pre-post float lounge with complimentary tea bar, literature, and more. ISO Float Center is an authorized dealer of Onnit and offer a full line of supplements to enhance your float

ISO Float Center is open Tuesday – Sunday 10 AM – 11 PM.

Odyssey Float Spa

Odyssey Float Spa is Ontario’s premier floating destination, Located in rural Stirling, ON away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Odyssey also custom builds Float Tanks, Meditation pyramids and we are currently offering franchise opportunities.

SpazioF : Feldenkrais & Floating

SpazioF near Bergamo is one of the few places in Italy to offer an individual Floatation Tank. The newly designed studio offers an atmosphere of calm and peace to relax and enjoy this unique experience of Floating. You will come out refreshed and re-energised and even creatively charged. Floating is one of the best methods for relaxation and de-stressing as well as giving the opportunity of reaching a greater sense of well-being and body-mind awareness.

True Float

We are a Healing center that provides services that aid in pain management, mediation, and spiritual awakening. Float Therapy is the fastest and most effective tool to overcome many pains and open up ones true self in deep mediation, along with Floating we provide different forms of Healing Touch Therapy for emotional release, and Life Coaching to help move ahead in the path in front of us.

Float Space

Float Space is New Zealand’s new Floatation Center, located in Hastings, Hawkes Bay. If you are looking for the amazing experience and results of Floatation Therapy, here we are.

We have an array of float options and a money back guarantee that you will come out better off.

West Coast Float

West Coast Float is Whistler’s only Flotation Center. Located in the spectacular Coast Mountains of British Columbia just two hours north of Vancouver, Whistler is Canada’s premier, year-round destination. Whistler features two majestic mountains with a vibrant base Village, epic skiing and snowboarding, four championship golf courses, unbeatable shopping, restaurants and bars, accommodation to suit every budget, hiking trails, spas and arguably the best mountain bike park in the world.

We have three private rooms, two float pods, one float tub and a cabin (for couples also).

Book online at www.westcoastfloat.com

East Coast Float Spa

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Float Central

Float Central is located in Bend, Oregon bringing the (sensory deprivation, isolation tank) floatation therapy experience to Central Oregon.
We are simply a family of local Central Oregonians who are crazy about float therapy. We’ve each experienced the health benefits of floating and are hooked on the “post-float glow”. We’re passionate about our community and about floating and we’re super excited to share floating with you, right here in Central Oregon!


I have a Samahdi tank in my home. Hours are flexible but need to schedule at least a day in advance.
$75 an hour, or if there’s no one scheduled after and time permits, you may free float.

The FloatHairium

We are a unique combination of a private hair/floatation studio! Nikki is the resident Master Stylist and has been executing her craft at our brand new location situated right in the heart of wolesely on the beautiful landscape of Winnipeg. Our address is 763 Westminster Avenue. We are currently in the progress of getting our float room prepared for the arrival of our Float Pod! The Pod is expected to arrive sometime in the beginning of March! We will be introducing people to the Art of Floating shortly thereafter.

Follow The FloatHairium on twitter for updates and special promotional offers!

Smith & Best Float Studio and General Store

Smith & Best Float Studio and General Store is your one stop shop for a fantastic experience. Our state of the art float pod will help you erase the lingering stress of the day as you ease you into an hour of blissful rest. After your float, spend some time browsing the eclectic selection of our general store. Italian toothpaste, classic handmade footballs, and hand-sewn, self-tie bow ties allow you to take your unique Smith & Best experience home with you. We also carry skin and hair care from Malin & Goetz and Prospector Company. If you are looking for an out of the ordinary experience in Regina, Saskatchewan, drop in for a visit at 2062 Cornwall Street, or call 306-352-7829. Brands include: Malin & Goetz, Prospector Company, Marvis, Harding & Wilson, Letherhead Sports, Parker Shaving, Hilllberg & Berk, and Strathcona Stockings.

MP Wellness Centers AB

MP Wellness is located in Eskilstuna, Sweden. We have one of the worlds largest commercial sensory deprivation tanks. At our wellness center you will find a peaceful place where you will feel relaxed as soon as you have closed the door. We also provide our customers to do even more for their well being, like resting and treating their feet in a large fish spa taking up to 6 people at a time, or classical Swedish massage by our professional massage therapist. Welcome.

metta³ Rest Spa

Opening May/June 2014

Vancouver’s premier Flotation Rest destination, offering 7 therapy rooms, Infrared Sauna, and a boutique yoga studio offering one on one classes.

U Float

We strive to make sure that your first float experience is provided in a safe, clean, relaxing, and positive environment. The first float can be the funnest, due to the fact that you are trying something new and exciting that is unlike anything else you may have experienced before. For others, the first float can also raise questions or anxiety, as you might not know what to expect. In an effort to alleviate any apprehension you may have toward your first float experience, here is what the typical float experience will look like from start to finish:
Schedule your float online, or give us a call for immediate availability
Arrive 5 to 10 minutes before your appointment. (we encourage you to show up earlier if you want to relax and get comfortable first)
We will answer any questions you may have, show you around our facilities, and walk you through the initial process
Then we give you access to your own personal float room and private shower
Shower thoroughly (all body wash, shampoo, and conditioners provided)
Dry off excess water (towels provided)
Put in earplugs (provided)
Step into the tank
Close the door to the tank (only when you are comfortable doing so, although you may leave it open the entire time if you wish)
Position your body in a comfortable floating position (we can help suggest a few that have worked for us)
Drift away into nothingness…….
When your session is complete, soft music will gradually increase in volume to signal the end of your current float experience
Gently sit up, open the door to the tank and wipe off any excess saltwater from your body
Carefully step out of the tank and back into the shower and wash off the remaining saltwater
Get dressed
Introduce yourself back into the world, with what is referred to as the “after float glow”
Stay with us for a while and have some tea, share your experience, or just sit comfortably and quietly with your thoughts uninterrupted.

Galim Float Center

It takes just one hour to experience the amazing relaxing effects of the flotation tank. When you arrive, you are given a personal flotation kit, consisting of a towel, soap, shampoo, lotion, and bath gel. You are welcome to enter the flotation tank with or without a bathing suit. Before your initial visit, you will also receive complete instructions from the Galim staff.

Total Zen Float

Today we often hear about the “mind-body connection.” At Total Zen Float, we provide a unique sensory deprivation chamber to Central Florida residents who want to feel relaxed in a holistic way. Once you experience for yourself our floatation tank in Orlando, you’ll come away changed for the better. Floatation tanks are beneficial for everyone, including those suffering from muscular pain, infertility, stress, rheumatism, migraines, insomnia, menstrual tension, depression, and more.

Don’t postpone feeling better. Call Total Zen Float today at (407) 960-4155 and let us show you a new level of relief from pain and stress.

You may have tried other methods of stress relief, relaxation, and pain management–but until you’ve tried a sensory deprivation chamber in Orlando, you’ve missed an incredible experience. For many people, floating is the only way to find a deeper level of relaxation and calm. Don’t wait any longer to try a floatation tank, Central Florida–schedule an appointment today with Total Zen Float at (407) 960-4155.

Float SNJ


South Jerseys first isolation tank float center. Grand Opening Summer 2014. Pre Purchase Discounted Floats: http://FloatOnSNJ.com

People have been experiencing the significant benefits of floating in the Dead Sea for thousands of years. With a salinity content of 33.7%, it is 9.6 times as salty as an ocean, and a person can experience the feeling of complete weightlessness while lying in its water. In point of fact the very first health resort in recorded history was founded upon its shores. Float On is very appreciative of the opportunity to bring the healing power of floating to you. When you lay weightless in one of our isolation rooms, suspended in your own personal sea of Epsom salt, you will drift into a state of complete and utter relaxation as your pain, anxiety, and stress float away.

Infinite Floatation Center

We are centrally located in the heart of Long island Ny (2mi south of Long Island Expressway.)
Visit us at www.epsomfloatation.com to introduce yourself to the most unique way to discover pain and stress relief as well as explore relaxation in away you’ve only enjoyed while you are asleep.
We have worked hard to give to you the gift of self awareness with no outside stimulation, but can offer you music or lighting if you prefer.
Take the time for you and your guest to share an experience that is unlike any other.
Looking for something different to do with someone special or just by yourself? Infinite Floatation Center will afford you that opportunity.
Watch for our membership packages and gift card specials.

Altered States Wellness Center

We are open 24/7 to cater to you. Altered States Wellness Center provides you with the best flotation deprivation experience. Step away from the city and step into our float tank. Floating is a phone call away. call us to make a reservation Altered States Wellness center 702-531-9462

Oly Float

Olympia’s largest float center featuring two custom made Soul Space Float Tanks. Oly Float also has available, massage, cranio-sacral therapy, counseling, energy healing, herbal medicine, and more.

Float Spot

Come float with us Tustinc California we have a beautiful place for you to relax, revive and restart your mind and body. Close to all locations Orange county, San diego, Los Angeles and Riverside area. You will love our float sensory deprivation tank and atmosphere. United States, Tustin California.

Newcastle Float Centre

Welcome to Newcastle Float Centre we are a family own and operated floatation therapy centre.
Our goal is to help you relax from the pressures of day to day living.
Relieve pain from an ongoing medcial condition like Arthritis or Fibromyalgia or other ongoing injuries that you may have causing pain in your life.
Or simply recover from sports injuries that may have occurred from playing or over training in your favorite sport. Or simply not allowing your body to recover.
Just one hour in our tank is equivalent to four hours of deep sleep on your mind and body

We look forward to seeing you soon
Jason and Trish

Palm Ave Float Club

Founded in Jan 2014, Palm Ave Float Club offers floatation for the urban soul in Singapore. We are located in a quiet neighbourhood in the East of Singapore. Our space offers three floatation tanks in separate rooms, each with showering facilities. We have been featured in media publications such as Stuff Magazine, Yahoo! News, Time Out Singapore and more.

Intro packages begin at SGD$55 per float. Book your session in advance with us: http://palmavefloatclub.com

Point Zero Floatation Center

Point Zero Floatation Center, established in January 2013, is a HAAD registered center for relaxation, recuperation and rehabilitation. We provide traditional and modern methods for the support of your individual lifestyle within a spa style ambience of peace and calm.

• Our three mediums of Floatation Therapy, Ayurveda and Body Works intertwine with the other looking at the body as a whole. By default, these methods give awareness in how best to look after your greatest asset, your body.
• To provide citizens of Abu Dhabi with an alternative medical facility offering natural healthy practices for a better lifestyle, free from unwanted stress.
• For our guests to feel at home in a private, friendly, clean and professional environment.
• To be the first customer choice for natural health care solutions and prevention.
• To assist in the education and research of alternative medical practices

Floatation Benefits
• Athletic Performance/Sports Rehab
• Beauty
• Creativity
• Self Esteem
• Emotional/ Depression
• Enhanced Learning
• Pain Killer
• Pregnancy
• Self-Motivation/Weight Loss
• Stress Relief
• Fertility
• Insomnia

Souler Float

Souler Float Mind and Body Therapy spas specialize in stress, pain and relaxation services. Relaxation  therapies
include the mental and physical healing benefits of Epsom salt floats, massage, Yoga, meditation and guided 
meditation audio float sessions. Current clients include sports athletes, meditation practitioners, yoga enthusiasts, fibromyalgia and pain sufferers and
corporate and business professionals. We have something for everyone!


Featuring Charleston’s first and only flotation tanks, we offer relaxing floats in our spacious float tank rooms, a steam room and massages in a soothing, friendly environment. At glowspa our primary goal is to help you experience deep relaxation… from the inside out. To this end we have created a peaceful, serene environment in which you can immerse yourself to enjoy our carefully crafted treatment options. Experienced alone or in our cost-effective relaxation combo packages, glowspa allows you to escape from your daily routine and refresh and reinvigorate your body from the inside out. Try one of our unique combinations of steam therapy, healing massage and floating in our flotation tanks for the ultimate Charleston relaxation experience.

Our membership programs enable you to commit to creating a regular space for deep healing relaxation in your life, while saving money at the same time. We offer both Float memberships and Massage memberships, with optional steam, massage and float add-ons available so that you can customize your experience to what feels best to you. We look forward to meeting you in person at the spa and answering any questions you may have about the benefits of floating, massage and steam therapy. At glowspa, we want you to walk in, but float out!

Zero Gravity Institute

If your wondering where to float in Austin, Texas it’s Zero Gravity Institute! We have a beautiful upscale spa environment, designed to give you the most positive and enjoyable floatation session possible. We have the largest most comfortable floatation tanks (sensory deprivation tanks) of any floatation spa in the world. Each floatation session also includes a complimentary massage in the amazing Zero Gravity massage chair.

JellyFish Float Spa

We are an independent home run business in Winnipeg, Manitoba, created from the drive and passion to introduce Floatation Tanks and its Therapeutic Benefits in our community.
Our mission is to provide pain and stress relief among the other therapeutic benefits of floating to the people of Winnipeg. Come visit us http://www.jellyfishfloatspa.com/


Floating is like hitting the reset button on your life.
Floatation tanks also known as float tanks/pods, isolation tanks and previously known as sensory deprivation chambers, help people relieve stress and chronic pain, recovery quickly from injuries and improve mental and athletic performance.
General Information
Directly across Ohio street from Bellingham High School. One block North of the Public Market and Bellingham Athletic club.

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Northwest Float Center


Northwest Float Center in Tacoma, Washington originated from a conversation about floating between two long time friends, Kriss Brooks and Alex Ziegler. What began as an idea to open a float center quickly turned into reality as two words kept resurfacing: “Why not?” We wanted to open a float center that would help people in the most fundamental way and experience the healing from floating that we felt. As more and more people are living in a world where there is constant internal and external stimulation, we wanted to give people a chance to get in a float tank, relax and hit the reset button.

Delta Floats

We are a Floatation Center located in Lansing Michigan, one of the only floatation centers or places to float in central Michigan. We have 3 floatation tanks. We offer different floating length appointments, 7 days a week from 9am to 9pm.

Each of our beautiful floatation suites has a full bathroom for your privacy and is fully equipped with all the amenities that you will need, just bring yourself.

We have custom made floatation tanks, that have the only true 24/7 filtration. That not only insures the best quality of water, but to gently hold you in the center of the tank while you are floating, but without you feeling any movement at all.

you can find out more information on our website: www.deltafloats.com
or call 517-367-6080, email deltafloats@gmail.com.

We are where to float in Michigan. We have the largest floatation center Michigan, located in the Greater Lansing area. Our newly renovated Float Spa has a welcoming atmosphere and we encourage you to enjoy our facilities both before and after your float in one of our isolation tanks. Enjoy a complimentary cup of our signature tea, browse through books, or pick a quite place to write.

We strive to provide profound relaxation and promote and facilitate all the benefits of floating in a sensory deprivation tank, commonly referred to as Floatation REST. If you are a long time floater or are looking to float for the first time, come check us out, we look forward to meeting you.

City of Destiny Float & Massage

City of Destiny Float & Massage offers 90 minute floats in private float rooms and 45 minute relaxation massages.

We are open daily from 6 AM with our last float of the day at midnight.

We are located on the first floor of the same building which houses Crystal Voyage, in the Dome District of Tacoma, Washington, 406 E 26th St Tacoma WA 98421.

Covered parking in parking garage for easy access into City of Destiny Float & Massage.

Please call 253.792.9735 to schedule your float and/or massage.

We look forward to meeting you and accompanying you on your float journey!

Float Science

Imagine the feeling of floating on a cloud, your body relaxed, mind at peace, stress melting away, as problems become manageable, and creative new ideas develop to guide you in your journey though life. Surrounded by a sense of relief and renewal, your world is unrestrained by past tensions and you allow yourself to truly feel free and unconstrained. This is what many of our guests experience.

Float Science strives to raise awareness of the benefits of sensory deprivation experiences and wants to make float tanks more commonplace. during our therapeutic floating session the body is suspended in a solution of water and Epsom salt, heated to skin temperature, creating the sensation of weightlessness in a private, peaceful space. Many floaters experience relief from pains, are often able to better cope with stress, lower anxiety/depression, improve focus in sports or work environments, and stimulate their creativity just to name a few of the noted benefits. Shortly after the float a floater can experience increased energy, enhanced alertness, and improve their capacity to relax. The intimacy of the sensory deprivation experience provides all floaters with a space for self-reflection, introspection, and meditation.

Michael’s Natural Therapies

We specialise in trigger point massage with an focus on bio mechanics. We also have a full spectrum infra red room which helps detox your body while watching a movie or tv show.
Our floatations room in the only one in Australia, we control the room environment allowing people with a fear of enclosed room to have the benefit of floating.

Calm Water Floatation

Floating, floatation, float therapy…whatever you choose to call it, it is quite simply the most incredible means of stress relief and relaxation available.

Calm Water Floatation is a dedicated Floatation centre providing Floatation Therapy at an affordable price, in an accessible and stylish location and, the first of its kind to be located in the Midlands region
Calm Water has installed the latest in floatation technology development – the UK designed and manufactured ‘i-sopod’.

We also have several other therapies available at the centre including our brand new Infra-Red Sauna, Sports and Remedial Massage, Therapeutic and Hot Stone Massage, Nutritional and Personal Training Advice.

Each Floatation session at Calm Water is £40, with discounts available for our bulk packages up to and including 50% for our Gold package of 50 sessions.

All appointments must be pre-booked directly with the centre.

Float and Relax

Floatation SPA Centre “Float and Relax” (www.float.lv) uses Floataway Floatation Cabin for two. It means that our cabin is 1,82m wide and 2,36m long, so if you float alone, you will have much more space than it is usually in other float tanks. But if you don’t like to float alone, there is enough space also for two person in one cabin.
We provide each client with towels,slippers, shampoo, ear plugs, etc.

Our Floatation SPA Centre offers also Classical full body massage, Hot stone massage, Pinda massage, Anti cellulite treatment for legs, Foot massage, Anti-stress treatment with highly organic mud mask and many other procedures.

We are very close to city Centre and Old town, just over the bridge, next to hotel Radisson Blu Daugava.

Dream Float Spa

Dream Float Spa offers the ultimate relaxation experience. One hour in the float pod and you will relieve pain, stress, tension and anxiety and walk away feeling revived and refreshed. One hour of floating is equivalent to 4-8 hours of restful sleep. Call 757-222-0880 to book your appointment or check us out at www.dreamfloatspa.com

The Float Place


The Float Place is Long Island, New York’s premier Float tank center. We are located in Suffolk County and operate by appointment only. Our Float Suite is very private and peaceful and our Post Float room will only aid in enhancing your relaxation.
We will provide you with all that you need for the float. All toiletries, towels and floating necessities will be provided to each guest, you needn’t bring anything except yourself. Be one of the first on Long Island to Float at The Float Place!

Cocoon Floatation

Our floatation tank studio has two float tanks and we are located in Figtree, Wollongong. The studio oozes ‘relax now’ from the minute you start walking up our stairs. Cocoon yourself with us and allow us to nurture you.

Infinity Float Spa

Infinity Float Spa is Utah counties only Flotation Center with two float tanks. We also offer massage but we know its all about the sensory deprivation! We created a serene environment for you to leave the cares of the world behind and float your troubles, aches, and pains away. We offer cheap float rates compared to much of the industry. Our philosophy is to keep our tanks always floating!

Sensory Deprivation, Meditation, Flotation, chronic pain, back pain, fibromyalgia, lucid dreaming, REST, Peace, relaxation, out of body experiences.

A-Float Spa

For your unforgettable floating experience you can modern pods of a light, soundproof construction. They are filled with shallow, salty water warmed to the human body temperature, containing special compounds of magnesium and sulphur of high concentration. Your body and mind, whilst floating on the surface, shall not notice the difference between air and water. Thus, you will experience the unique sensation of “being suspended in space”. Some people compare this feeling to drifting in the outer space, with no gravitation or the Earth’s limitations…

What are the main advantages of floating? The therapy efficiently affects all of the human levels: physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. It contributes to:

– Improving the sport results and speeding up recovery process after injuries,
– Increasing the amount of released endorphins,
– Liberating from pain caused by rheumatism, migraines and mechanical injuries,
– Reducing cellulites and improving the condition of skin, nails and hair,
– Improving blood circulation,
– Eliminating the fatigue, physical and mental stress,
– Eliminating the so-called “jet lag” syndrome, which is a sleep disorder and bad mood resulting from a travel on a plane,
– Improving significantly the quality of sleep,
– Speeding up learning process,
– Reducing depression and anxiety states,
– Liberating from habits, phobias and addictions.

Live Life Floatation Therapy

Located at the County Chiropractic clinic in Marsh Barton, Exeter, floatation therapy uniquely fits into the clinic’s ethos of achieving and maintaining optimal health.

The tranquil, soothing environment of the floatation room creates the perfect synergy where relaxation, health and wellbeing come together as one.

Prema Sai

We see you as a whole being, perfect in every way. Our job at Prema Sai is to help you actualize that through freeing the body of pain, stress, inflammation, depression and dehydration. We take pride in our ability to tell you the truth about your health and to come up with a comprehensive treatment plan to get you to your goals.

SENSEless Float Center

SENSEless Float Center will be opening in late 2013 and will have two tanks. As further details become available they will be posted on our Facebook page, so please visit and “like” SENSEless Float Center if you’d like to know as we get closer to opening our doors.

Art of Floating

Life is an Art of your own making. Art of Floating is designed to help you find a creative solution to the stress and other problems in your life. Experiencing the profound relaxation of the floatation tank gives you the opportunity for your mind to slow down, while eliminating the stress of gravity, light, sound and more. We support the benefits of the tank for your personal transformation and overall wellbeing.

The floatation tanks here at Art of Floating are the most technologically advanced tanks on the market. There are 3 tanks and each tank is in it’s own room. The tanks are equipped with their own filtering system and a light installed inside to let you know when it is time to get out. There is about 12 inches of water and 850 pounds of epsom salts in the tanks.

We also offer Therapeutic Massage and have Artwork for sale created by local Artists!

Aspire Health & Wellness

We are proud to be New York City’s first comprehensive health + wellness center. Our professional philosophy is to provide paramount rehabilitation, medical, and wellness services in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Floatation Tank Melbourne

We have TWO Apollo Floatation Tanks, and provide you with everything you need for your float – all you need to bring is yourself and an open mind!

We also offer Myotherapy for treatment of musculo-skeletal imbalances.

Open 7 days: Weekdays 8am to 7pm; Weekends 8am to 4.30pm. Bookings can be made online via our website.

Payment by cash, EFTPOS or credit card (no AMEX).

Floatation therapy provides an environment that will free your mind and body from all external stimulation. Your mind is left free to drift into the deepest state of relaxation possible. With your body in such a relaxed state it will cleanse itself from stress related chemicals such as adrenaline, cortisol and lactic acid and replace them by beneficial endorphins. Your body will have the chance to restore its natural powers of self-regulation and healing. Go to www.floatationtankmelbourne.com.au to learn more.

Hope Floats

Located in The Washington DC Metropolitan area Hope Floats has all the amenities to make your flotation therapy a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. We are open seven days a week. you can float for 60 minutes for $70.00 or 90 minutes for $90.00.

Salt city float spa

Welcome to Utah’s first and only floatation therapy spa. We feature the I-Sopod, and are excited to help you with you aches and pains,
Stress, and anxiety! There is something for everyone at salt city float spa.

“Healing body and mind one float at a time.”

Bodymind Float Center

Bodymind Float Center offers three float tanks and a Salt Room – the first business in Rochester, NY to offer these therapies. In the Bodymind Gallery, guests may sit and chat with our enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff, enjoy complimentary, locally-blended tea, and view the work of prominent artists on display. Hours:Tuesday-Sunday, 9:30am-9:00pm

Float House

Float House is a 5-tank Floatation Center located in the amazing community of Gastown, Vancouver, BC.
Our mission is to provide a clean, relaxed, and unique environment where people of all walks of life can practice deep meditation, manifest creativity, and foster rest and recovery by use of the floatation tank. Check us out http://www.floathouse.ca/

Reconnect Float House

Reconnect is a provider of Floatation Chambers also known as Sensory Deprivation Tanks. Shut out the world around you and allow your self to fully emerge. Learn more and book at www.reconnectfloathouse.com
Our goal is for Reconnect to become your pause in life. We wish to promote a warm and peaceful environment and one that provides stillness and presence. Please remove shoes upon entering and please keep voices low. Cell phone use is strictly prohibited.
Reconnect provides Sensory Deprivation Tanks, also known as Floatation Chambers. A sensory deprivation tank is a light and sound-free environment that contains twelve inches of a solution consisting of water and about 1000 lbs of dissolved Epsom salt. The fluid temperature is maintained at external body temperature approximately 95˚F. Inside the chamber, the participant floats effortlessly without gravity, sound or light input to consider. The suspension of all senses allows the creative part of your brain to fully emerge. Without the constant involuntary analysis of the world around you, your body lowers its levels of cortisol, the main chemical component of stress. Your brain also releases elevated levels of dopamine and endorphins, the neurotransmitters of happiness and fulfillment. Floating offers a simple and effective respite from your busy life. It restores your energy and helps you live life to it’s fullest.

Renew Float Spa

Renew Float Spa is centrally located in Chico, CA and adjoined to In Motion Fitness, a nationally acclaimed fitness facility.

At Renew, you will enjoy traditional spa treatments such as massage, facials, waxing, manicures & pedicures, as well as the healing experience of Floatation Therapy.

When we decided to open a Spa in Chico, it was our goal to create a Spa unlike one that exists in our area. We feel we have done just that and hope you will visit us and let us help you feel renewed!

Alternativhälsan Östermalm

Välkommen till Alternativhälsan Östermalm
Stockholms största floatingcenter med tre floatingrum erbjuder djupavslappning genom floating i två flytarier och ett floatingrum, för återhämtning eller behandling. Floating finns tillgänglig både genom förbokning och drop-in, i mån av plats.

Här finns också massage och hudvård med Katreen Eriksson Hudvård som arbetar med Dermalogicas flerfaldigt prisvinnande produkter inom hudvård.

Vi finns mitt i centrala Stockholm, 6 min från T-centralen med tunnelbana. En vilsam upplevelse är inte längre bort än så!
Floating räknas som friskvård och är fullt avdragsgillt via friskvårdsbidraget som företag kan ge sina anställda.

Urban Float

Renew Your Body. Refresh Your Mind. Revive Your Senses. Live at your PEAK by floating at Urban Float in the heart of Fremont. Welcome to Seattle’s first modern float center, bringing you the best floating experience available!

Healing Waters Mind and Body Float Studio, LLC


Healing Waters offers 3 Oasis flotation tanks in a very accessible location in north metro Denver. We are located in Northglenn, CO right off of I-25 and 120th Avenue, very easily accessed from I-25, I-70, I-76, Hwy 7 and Hwy 36. Healing Waters is dedicated to the introduction and continuation of the amazing benefits of floating. We are open from 9am-7pm daily, but will accomodate any scheduled appointment 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Bring someone with you for a further discounted rate! We offer group discounts and memberships to fit your needs.


RYTHM Yoga Tank company runs a Floatation SPA at affordable prices in a quite environment. There is only one tank now. But more tanks are being made as floaters grow in this area.

USES of the TANK:
1. The tank can be used for Meditation, Relaxation, inducing Altered states of consciousness, Dream exploration and LUCID Dream, for the esoteric seekers.

2. Medical purposes: Tank can best be utilized by patients of Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Orthopedic surgery pateints or simply Orthopedic related symptoms, to relieve Muscle pain, and to relieve Bone pain.

3. Use by Beauty industry for enhancing their radiance. Can be used by Models, Film actors and actress, Fashion industry individuals or simply by any one wanting to be 10 years younger than they are today.

4. Can be used as recreation to relax, have stress relief, experience zero-gravity, and to get out to experience something unique away from worldly business.

5. Floatation Tank is best known to make the individual experience their own thoughts, emotions, and mental states at a magnified and intense levels. And to visualize in extreme details anything they want to imagine. For instance, one can use tank to create a powerful future by visualizing a very detailed, emotionally filled, future with full of great possibilities. It can be used to work out complex problems within a short amount of time.

Caution: All mentioned above details are general information presented by floatation community. Each individual is different and have different experiences. RYTHM Yoga Tank believes that every is given what best suites them naturally. Note that RYTHM Yoga tank does not make any guarantees or claims of what the actual experience will be. One may have a combination of experiences depending on the individual or have none at all, or experience all above at certain levels.

RYTHM Yoga Tank’s goal is give a great comforting experience in a state of the art facility and to spread this technology for easy access.


Cloud nine Float Center

At Cloud nine Float Center, we offer the most inviting floating experience available. We feature Floataway tanks imported from Europe with automatic doors, lights, and relaxing music to ease one in and out of the experience. We strive to tailor each float to the individual with options in music, lighting, and pod types to accommodate different needs. *We have recently updated our Special Offer

The Floatation Sanctuary

The Floatation Sanctuary is a unique experience in
New Plymouth.

You have a private room with ensuite for showering before and after your float. Gentle music and soft light help you acclimate to the environment, then slowly fade away. Nearing the end of your float session, you’ll become aware of distant music and soft light which bring you back to full alertness.

The Float Tank is spacious yet embryonic. Many clients say it feels expansive, like floating weightless in space.

You lie totally supported in a warm concentration of Epsom Salts, (Magnesium Sulphate). Magnesium is the second most abundant element in your cells, and Sulphate improves absorption of nutrients. Both are essential for maintaining a healthy body and help form joint proteins, brain tissue and so much more.

The water is maintained at relaxed skin temperature (34.8C), making it safe for pregnant mums and ideal for detoxing the body.

Lying totally weightless in silence and darkness, your nervous, skeletal and muscular systems can surrender to total relaxation. The body’s natural response to sensory deprivation is to gently slide into the meditative theta state.

Emotional stress and the pull of gravity are proven to be the causes of many chronic aches and pains, as well as debilitating illnesses. While you float, your body is released from stress and weight. Your brain releases mega-quantities of happy endorphins thus promoting wellbeing and enabling you to approach life with a refreshed mind.

Float Matrix

It is our mission at Float Matrix to offer the most effective tools for managing your state of being. We offer floatation, infrared sauna, and sonic massage services. Also contact us if you are interested in yoga, traditional massage, traditional sauna, and meditation.

Just Float

We are offering in our wellness center deep relaxation in two floatation tanks. Our guests also having the possibility to spend more time in our infrared-sea climate cabin as well as getting a massage.

Hands On Floatation and Treatment Clinic

Hands On is proud to offer you North Devon’s only floatation room here in the heart of Braunton. Complete with the amazing star light ceiling, in which you can come and float away your aches and pains, stresses and strains. An all encompassing treatment for mind, body and soul.

We are also proud to have a collection of the finest therapists working in the region and we believe in this country, to offer a treatment to suit every need.

We can offer you a full range of therapies including; the renowned healing massage; sports injury treatments; osteopathy; advanced manipulative therapy; acupuncture; medical herbalism and clinical hypnotherapy. We also offer, chavutti, reflexology, aromatherapy plus much more.

Cloud 9 Float Spa

Cloud 9 Float Spa provides a high quality flotation experience, designed to relax, rehabilitate, relieve pain, enhance performance, and expand the mind.

Booking are by Appointment Only.

Please call tel:778-809-0902 or email cloud9floatspa@gmail.com to reserve your Float Email travis@cloud9floatspa.com

Koan Float

Float & Massage centre in the heart of Amsterdam. The first floatation centre in the Netherlands, and still unique in Amsterdam. Maximum relaxation in minimum amount of time Visit us at http://www.koanfloat.nl/ Find us on Facebook www.facebook.com/koanfloat

ClinicFloat – centro de flutuação e terapias

O Centro de Flutuação e Terapias ClinicFloat tem o objectivo principal de divulgar e oferecer à população a experiência única da Terapia da Flutuação, uma novidade terapêutica em crescimento em todo o mundo.
Trata-se do primeiro Centro de Flutuação da região Norte do país, tendo sido inaugurado no dia 15 de Agosto de 2009 e contando já com vários utilizadores habituais que procuram um estado de relaxamento e bem-estar físico e mental e/ou pacientes com condições clínicas como dores crónicas, problemas de sono, sintomas relacionados com stress e ansiedade, entre outros, que têm vindo a beneficiar com os efeitos da terapia da flutuação.
O ClinicFloat destaca-se pelo encontro terapêutico entre a Flutuação e várias terapias prestadas por profissionais de saúde com formação superior (Fisioterapeutas, Osteopata, Psicólogos, Nutricionista, Hipnoterapeuta…), o que assegura o profissionalismo essencial aos cuidados de saúde e bem-estar físico, mental e emocional que visam a melhoria da qualidade de vida dos seus utentes.
Cada utente é tratado de forma personalizada, com uma abordagem inicial efectuada por profissionais de saúde com vista a identificar os objectivos a alcançar e a delinear o tipo de tratamento mais eficaz, de entre os diversos métodos de que o ClinicFloat dispõe.
O factor de destaque do ClinicFloat reside no facto de se fazerem conciliar os benefícios da Flutuação com os de diversas terapias como a Massagem Terapêutica de Relaxamento, a Massagem Desportiva, a Drenagem Linfática Manual, o Relaxamento Muscular Progressivo e o Stretching Muscular em diversos programas terapêuticos – Float & Relax-Massage, Float & Sport-Massage, Float & Lymph-Massage, Prog-Relax-Float e Float & Stretch – o que converge numa amplificação dos resultados terapêuticos obtidos, favorecendo assim a consecução dos objectivos de tratamento de cada utente.

The Float Sanctuary

Our Floatation Centre in the heart of Rayleigh brings stress relief and a wonderful relaxation experience to all visitors.

Floatation therapy is such a simple idea that some of the benefits seem too good to be true. But they are real, and scientific research has validated the health giving and performance enhancing effects.

We also specialise in Holistic Massage and Healing Therapies, including; Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue, Hot Stones, Indian Head Massage, Polynesian Sea Shell Massage. Reiki, Angelic Reiki, Crystal Healing.

Float On


Float On is a 4 tank center in the SE of Portland, OR. They run 90-minute floats for $50, and special 2.5 hour late night floats for $60. They are also constantly engaging in some sort of collaboration with artists around town, from painters to musicians to chefs. To read more about their shop, their arts programs, and their zest for unusual business practices, visit their website: floathq.com

Neuro Float Studio

At Neuro Float Studios, you will bring your body and mind together for a most remarkable transformation. Our advanced techniques, that include specialized yoga, inversion treatments, brainwave synchronization and theta-state floating combine to provide you an incredible sense of well-being while focusing your energy in ways that help you achieve “exceptional human performance.”

The Floating House漂浮舒缓館

We are the first floataion center in Taiwan. We offer service in Chinese and in English. Our owners have hundreds of hours of floating experience and are very spiritual. Benji the primary owner is an Vedanta Advaitist and also a TV personality on the Island. Tara our other owner is a yoga teacher and ex-Super Model. We are cool, and our floaters are even cooler, come and join us.

Welcome to all,

Benji and Tara

espacio sofros

El Mind Spa ,el primer Spa de la Mente de Europa, la pieza que faltaba en el mundo del Bienestar, la propuesta para el bienestar más avanzada y especializada. El complemento ideal para la gente de este siglo QUE DESEA DISFRUTAR TAMBIÉN DE UN BALNEARIO, DE UN SPA PARA LA MENTE. Te invitamos a conocerlo, a disfrutarlo y a beneficiarte de sus EFICACES Y PLACENTEROS tratamientos y planes antiestrés.

Dispones de experiencias y programas antiestrés sin estancia y Programas antiestrés con alojamiento en la Slow House.

El Mind Spa es el área principal, la base de Sofros, donde las técnicas sofrológicas, la relajación a través de la palabra y la estimulación de los sentidos, el agua, los divanes, los elementos clásicos que describen a un entorno relajante, se combinan armoniosamente con las más avanzadas tecnologías al servicio del bienestar de la mente.

Las máquinas mentales, la terapia de luz que ajusta los biorritmos y eleva la serotonina, los sonidos para la mente, la terapia de la flotación, la relajación a través de los sentidos, el entrenamiento emocional, la estimulación cerebral, las emo-imágenes y la oxigenoterapia. Todo para que dispongas de un completo Spa de la mente.

En el Mind Spa podrás conocer y beneficiarte de elementos específicos para el wellbeing que ya se utilizan con éxito en los países más avanzados.

Una zona privada donde podrás dedicarle a tu mente el tiempo que necesita y el tratamiento que precisa. Haz una pausa y ven…

Dentro del Mind Spa te ofrecemos:

> Sofros Floating
> Respira Sofros
> Sensory Sofros
> Sofros On
> Sofros Off
> Otros programas de Mind Spa

The Treatment Works

Here at The Treatment Works we aim to assist you in the ultimate relaxation experience. We offer a choice of 2 floatation tanks as well as other holistic therapies and beauty treatments,
Opened on 25th January 2012.

The Float Center

Imagine floating in complete solitude and quiet! Laying in a body temperature solution of Epsom salt saturated water. Almost completely isolated and buoyant, you get the impression of zero gravity. This allows a state of relaxation which is deeper, and more beneficial than sleep. Within this pure state of relaxation, creativity, efficiency, and productivity are all greatly enhanced. While your body is resting and healing, your worries and stress float away…. Ready to try?

Sea of Tranquility

Floatation Therapy is designed for those seeking sense of well-being in this world, deep inner peace and a higher knowledge of One-Self that far transcends the ordinary and goes way beyond the limiting and mundane perspective of every-day existence.

Resting Well Sweden

About Us

Restingwell has now been running for over nine years and have had as it’s primary task to design a new user-friendly floatingtank that we started to produce in 2005.

Restingwell Spirit was made mostly for the Scandinavian market but also promoted over all of European Union. We have now tanks in Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Holland, Norway, Poland and Schweiz.

The idea behind the Restingwell Spirit is founded on following premises.

The floatation tank must be robust and well built.
To use standard articles that is tough.
The floating tank must be easy to operate for everybody.
Preheated ventilation.
The entrance must be easy to enter that there is no problem even if you suffer from pain. (design protected in E.U.)
Electric connections using max 10 Amp /230V. Continuously thermostat regulated heating.
Easy to make service by the owner without service personal must be called upon.
Spare parts must be in stock for fast delivery if anything stops working.
To produce many tanks and therefore get lower productionprice.
Pricelevel must be among the best upon the European market.
To maintain updated information and to inform about floatation to people.


Carna is a center providing assistence in finding balance in your life! We offer holistic treatments asfloating, reflexologi and TFT. We also offer training with focus on body, mind and soul.

La Casa Day Spa

Founded in 1993, La Casa Spa enjoys the status of being the oldest spa in the city. La Casa represents the vision of its Founder and Director, Dr. Jane G. Goldberg. Long before holistic medicine became a household word, Jane spent the 1970’s and 80’s traveling the world with her mother, seeking and utilizing alternative cancer therapies. Her mother, Madeleine Malvina Goldberg, had been diagnosed with terminal bone cancer for which traditional medicine offered no cure. Through following sound, efficacious and documented principles of holistic health, Jane’s mother reversed her cancer condition entirely. Jane watched in awe (as did the doctors) as Madeleine moved out of her wheelchair and began, once again, to play tennis.

From this experience, Jane was inspired to specialize in her psychoanalytic practice to work with cancer patients. La Casa Spa was born out of Jane’s understanding of a paramount need for a healing center in NYC in which holistic therapies would be offered. Jane has authored several highly acclaimed books on both psychological and physical health.

Jane and her partner, La Casa’s manager since its inception, Gregg Lalley, invite you to partake of the restorative and profoundly cleansing therapies that have brought La Casa world-wide recognition, and, as well, prompted the New York Times to describe it as a healing center that “comes close to magical realism.”

City Yoga

City Yoga es un centro moderno y dinámico en constante crecimiento. Nuestro objetivo es oferecer un espacio neutro con excelentes profesionales que puedan guiar o asesorar a cada individuo en su proceso.

City Yoga es un espacio donde puedes encontrar lo mejor para ti y los tuyos, clases adecuadas a ti y tu nivel, un masaje relajante, una experiencia unica en el tanque de flotacion y mucho mas…
Te ofrecemos un amplia gama de servicios de bienestar.

Great Lakes Flotation LLC

Flotation sessions offered by appointment only in comfortable professional setting. Contact Terri by phone or at info@greatlakesflotation.com. Flexible hours, including evening and weekends. Two tanks available. Massage services also available from N Touch Massage, located in the same building. We also offer Introductory Classes on writing and rewriting personal programming, based on a practical application of the research of float tank inventor, John C. Lilly. For more information see www.greatlakesflotation.com.

Exclusive Floatation Center

The clinic has its own private shower, tank and a inversion table that allows spinal alignment and drainage of the lymphatic system. Many more health improvement continue on from a float, and on a regular bases will address health challenges that are current and preventative in our aging process.Please note the first float experience can take about 2 hours total of your time as an introduction, instructions, question and answer period of 1/2 hour  extra usually happens for the first floating experience. Prices for this private member facility are very low compared to commercial floatation facilities. Becoming a private member is $25 for life time membership and $35 for a hour and half float.
The clinic is for personal use only. Private members can experience for themselves the relaxation, improved health and ability to focus a float experience can provide.. I have this clinic just for personal use and private members that can experience for themselves improved health and ability to focus on personal growth in education and sports.

Float Lab

We manufacture the world’s best chambers.

We began manufacturing chambers in 2000 on a ranch in Las Vegas, Nevada. In March 2002, we opened a floatation facility in Venice Beach.

Since then, our chambers have constantly improved and have been modified in design and capabilities.

Float Lab has successfully taken the experience of floatation to new levels.

Our CID (Cellular Influence Device) is revolutionizing the process of intelligence transfer. This technology consists of a Float Lab chamber with an ultra high-tech visual display and a 3200-watt underwater stereo audio system. The CID, in combination with specifically designed programming, creates a potential of ones development beyond imaginable levels. This training device forces a user to direct all of his/her attention to any and all inputs provided [improving learning, retention and application rates].

Training the mind to train the body maximizes an individual’s performance potential. All movement is initiated by an image that the brain converts into a program to direct and guide the body’s muscles and limbs. Repetitive stimulation of this image builds a neuromuscular memory reserve similar to perfect physical practice. This method of observation training is the process of
accumulating and applying knowledge.

The CID is a linkage from the computer to the human mind. It represents boundless possibilities for both learning and amusement.


Stay on top. Float.

If you’re looking for high quality and professional service, you’ve come to the right place. At ifloatSPACE we’ll give you the attention and personal service you’ll come to expect and enjoy.

Website www.ifloatspace.com /Phone 323 493 6234

Samadhi Tank Company

Samadhi – The original manufacturer of the floatation tank, also known as flotation tank, sensory deprivation tank, float tank, and John Lilly tank used for meditation, visualization, rejuvenation, self observation, creativity, time travel, prayer, solitude, rest and relaxation since 1972.